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Excelsior Square ID# XEXS12

Excelsior Square
Excelsior Square
Excelsior-square L
Excelsior Square
Excelsior Square Collection (Shown in Gloss Black)
Excelsior square collection (Shown in gloss black)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Excelsior Square Sizes
Excelsior square sizes
Excelsior Square Plant Container (Burnt Copper)
Excelsior square plant container (Burnt copper)
Outdoor Excelsior Square Planter (Espresso)
Outdoor excelsior square planter (Espresso)
Excelsior Floor Square Planter (Gold Dust)
Excelsior floor square planter (Gold dust)
Excelsior-square L
Collection excelsior-square L
finishes L
sizes-excelsior-square L
Excelsior-sq-burnt-copper L
Excelsior-sq-espresso L
Excelsior-sq-golddust L

Our Excelsior Square planter will add a bit of geometric dimension and provides contrast to the organic movement in plants, grasses, shrubs and trees. Available in multiple sizes to meet your design specifications and your planting selection, the Excelsior Square is manufactured in sizes 6” to 36”. Versatile enough to blend into most design concepts, the Excelsior Square is available in 38 finishes to ensure a great match for you. Suitable for floor plants, tabletops, and as large showcase pieces. The Excelsior in an excellent option.


  • Starting dimensions range from 6"-36"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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