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Eco Cylinder ID# XECC13

Eco Cylinder
Eco Cylinder
Eco-cylinder L
Eco Cylinder
Eco Cylinder Collection (Shown in Silver)
Eco cylinder collection (Shown in silver)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Eco Cylinder Sizes
Eco cylinder sizes
Three Eco Friendly Cylinders (Water Planet)
Three eco friendly cylinders (Water planet)
Round Eco Cylinder Plant Container (Orange Gloss)
Round eco cylinder plant container (Orange gloss)
Durable and LEED Eligible Eco Planter (Silver)
Durable and leed eligible eco planter (Silver)
Silver 18
Silver 18" eco cylinder (Xecc18) shown with 36" oriental bamboo bush
Bronze 18
Bronze 18" eco cylinder (Xecc18) shown with 36" oriental bamboo bush
Eco-cylinder L
Collection eco L
finishes L
sizes-eco-cylinder L
Eco-cyl-blue L
Eco-cyl-orange L
Eco-cyl-silver L
Scene-eco-cyl-silver L
Scene-eco-cyl-bronze L

Make a beautiful statement, with color and style while supporting the green movement with our Eco Cylinder planter made with LEED certified materials. Versatile and adaptable to most design concepts and themes, the Eco Cylinder is a smart, good looking planter available in multiple sizes as well as 38 standard finishes. From small accent plants to large arrangements including trees, your eco-friendly Eco Cylinder is a high quality stylish planter that will bring out the beauty of your landscape project. Simple clean lines and wonderfully manufactured, the Eco Cylinder makes your choice easy.


  • Starting dimensions range from 6.8"-18"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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