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Lighted Illuminated Planters ID# C761TPLS, C561TPLS

Lighted Illuminated Planters
lighted-containers L
Lighted Illuminated Planters
Lighted Planter Specifications: Tall Cone
Lighted planter specifications: tall cone
Illuminated Planter Specifications: Straight Tall  Cone
Illuminated planter specifications: straight tall cone
LED Planter Specifications: Wide Tall Cone
Led planter specifications: wide tall cone
Lighted Planter Specifications: Tall Tapered Square
Lighted planter specifications: tall tapered square
Lighted Planters Top View
Lighted planters top view
Lighted Planter Diagram
Lighted planter diagram
Illuminating Planter Light Bulbs
Illuminating planter light bulbs
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sizes-planters-lighted-C1761TPLS L
sizes-planters-lighted-C2761TPLS L
sizes-planters-lighted-C0561TPLS L
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Along with choosing the right planter accent piece, lighting can make a huge impact on your interior and exterior landscape design. We have created beautiful illuminated planters to bring the two design elements together. Warm and bright colors are used to illuminate the planter base giving your plants and flowers a spectacular spotlight of attention! Choose from several styles, heights and colors, add your flowers or plants, and light it up! Perfect for directional lighting and bringing a cool visual highlight to your landscape and design.


  • Starting dimensions range from 28"-48"
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You might think that all the planters are pretty much the same and serve the same purpose to house the plants and bushes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, planters support the greenery, but these days, indoor planters on their own to serve decorative purposes. Too many times you’ll observe that despite going for the best plants and flowers they do not quite create an environment you thought they would. So, if you just got some plants and would like to create a brighter and more satisfying environment using them, then we’ve got something for you – a collection of illuminated planters which will brighten up your commercial space, figuratively and literally. Beautiful decorative vases and pots which will hold your flowers and create a magical atmosphere, they will help you create an ultra-modern and luxurious décor.