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Smith Curve Rectangle ID# XSMR090829

Smith Curve Rectangle
Smith Curve Rectangle
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Smith Curve Rectangle
Smith Curve Rectangle Plant Containers
Smith curve rectangle plant containers
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Smith Curve Rectangle Sizes
Smith curve rectangle sizes
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Accent pieces add to the ambience, support the design and complete the style when chosen properly. The Smith Curve Planter offers an updated pottery design with a smooth style, with functionality and a bit of panache! Adding this planter to your landscape or interior design, in a color finish of your choice, will complete your look. Created with a softer edge for a cool and comfortable appeal, our Smith planter will add dimension and is an ideal choice showcase floral arrangements, plants, for a smaller profile or implement a large plant for contrast. The slightly rounded edges retain the overall square silhouette giving you the best of both shapes. Available in sizes up to 12.5”, this is an excellent option to add visual interest in an amazing array of color and finish options. The Smith Curve rectangle planter is an excellent option.


  • Starting dimensions range from 7.75"-12.5"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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