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Jennings Cylinder ID# XJNC20

Jennings Cylinder
Jennings Cylinder
Jennings-matte-pearl L
Jennings Cylinder
Jennings Cylinder Collection (Shown in Matte Pearl)
Jennings cylinder collection (Shown in matte pearl)
Matte Pearl Plant Container
Matte pearl plant container
Matte Black Jennings Cylinder
Matte black jennings cylinder
Cast Iron Cylinder Planter
Cast iron cylinder planter
Cast Bronze Fiberglass Plant Container
Cast bronze fiberglass plant container
Jennings Cylinder Sizes
Jennings cylinder sizes
Jennings-matte-pearl L
jennings-collection L
Jennings-matte-pearl L
Jennings-matte-black L
Jennings-cast-iron L
Jennings-cast-bronze L
sizes-jennings-cylinder L

Looking for additional texture and style for your interior landscape design? The Jennings Cylinder is a traditional pottery shape with a lipped opening but has a wonderful wavy design throughout the base. Adding the Jennings to your décor will bring visual interest and appeal, giving your greenery just the right attention you desire. Available in sizes up to 37.8”, and a wide array of color options, this selection will add style and elegance to your office or commercial space. If you are looking for something that will make you stand out, the Jennings is just right!


  • Starting dimensions range from 9.1"-37.8"
  • Available in 4 standard finishes
Available Colors

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Whether you have ordinary house plants or on your hands or some special, exotic ones, an elegant, eye-catching indoor decorative planter is something you definitely need to enhance their effect. You need to make sure that the plant containers you opt for your greenery all of the modern styles and support it needs. And if you’re searching for ones which will help you do so, then our Jennings Cylinders are all you need. For a quick, easy update that will change up the look and feel of your landscape design, these Jennings Cylinders featuring a delightful weathered finish for texture will style up to the setting in the most gorgeous way.

Incredibly functional and durable plant containers that will make a big visual impact in any décor, these cylindrical planters will make your display a really special one. Standing at 9.1”, we have Jennings Cylinder Plant Vessels which can go as high as 37.8” and will be perfect to place your large plants and bushes in.

Available in a range of sizes, styles and 38 standard finishes, our Jennings decorative planters can be easily customized according to your needs. So, you can match them according to your décor and style easily and perfectly.