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Tonka Cylinder ID# XTKC13

Tonka Cylinder
Tonka Cylinder
Tonka-cylinder L
Tonka Cylinder
Tonka Cylinder Collection (Shown in Bronze)
Tonka cylinder collection (Shown in bronze)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Tonka Cylinder Sizes
Tonka cylinder sizes
Round Tonka Cylinder (Matte Black)
Round tonka cylinder (Matte black)
Round Tonka Cylinder Planter (Golden Bronze)
Round tonka cylinder planter (Golden bronze)
Burnt Copper 13
Burnt copper 13" tonka cylinder (Xtkc13) shown with a 42" arboricola bush
Gloss Black 13
Gloss black 13" tonka cylinder (Xtkc13) shown with a 42" arboricola bush
Silver 13
Silver 13" tonka cylinder (Xtkc13) shown with a 42" arboricola bush
Tonka-cylinder L
Collection tonka-cylinder L
finishes L
sizes-tonka-cylinder L
Tonka-cyl-matte-black L
Tonka-cyl-bronze L
Scene-tonka-cyl-burnt-copper L
Scene-tonka-cyl-gloss-black L
Scene-tonka-cyl-silver L

Landscape accents play an important and integral role in your design, adding style and structure, along with color, tone and contrast. Planters can make landscapes standout in a bold way or allow them to seamlessly blend in with the entire design scheme. As part of our Tonka Collection, the cylinder planter offer the rounded format, slightly inverse and clean edges on top. With many sizes available, the Tonka Cylinder can be used throughout your design to maintain your theme, with the option to vary the colors for contrast. We offer the Tonka Cylinder in 38 standard finishes, allowing you to choose just the right color and tone to draw out the beauty in your interior or exterior design.


  • Starting dimensions range from 8"-30"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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