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Halstead Square ID# XHAS08

Halstead Square
Halstead Square
Halstead-square L
Halstead Square
Halstead Square Collection (Shown in Gloss Black)
Halstead square collection (Shown in gloss black)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Halstead Square Sizes
Halstead square sizes
Halstead Square Plant Container (Matte Black)
Halstead square plant container (Matte black)
Halstead-square L
Collection halstead-square L
finishes L
sizes-halstead-square L
Halstead-square-black L

If you are always looking for a little something extra in your design choices, consider adding the Halstead square planter to your list. Landscape and interior design should complement each other and selecting the right pottery accents can have a positive impact. The Halstead Square planter is traditional in shape and size but has the added scalloped edge at the top for visual appeal and style. Available in varying sizes up to 22” in diameter, this planter can accommodate landscape features from a small floral or plant arrangement to a large tree. Choose from our large array of color options and you can easily add this stylish accent to your space.


  • Starting dimensions range from 7.3"-22"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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