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Maxwell Square ID# XMAS17

Maxwell Square
Maxwell Square
Maxwell-square L
Maxwell Square
Maxwell Square Collection (Shown in Burnt Copper)
Maxwell square collection (Shown in burnt copper)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Maxwell Square Sizes
Maxwell square sizes
Decorative Maxwell Square Planter (Gunmetal)
Decorative maxwell square planter (Gunmetal)
Maxwell-square L
Collection maxwell-sq L
finishes L
sizes-maxwell-square L
Alban-orange L

Choosing the right pottery accents for your indoor and outdoor commercial space is just as important as the plants, flowers and trees themselves. Good design takes all the elements into account and every detail should be on point. Our Maxwell Square planter maintains the slight inverse design, with squared off edges to contrast with the organic movements of the greenery it supports. Available in multiple sizes, and 38 standard finishes to select from, the Maxwell Square is stylish and adaptable enough to fit into multiple design concepts. Make this functional and fashionable planter a part of your look!


  • Starting dimensions range from 9.1"-37.3"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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