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Maxwell Square Bowl ID# XMAW16

Maxwell Square Bowl
Maxwell Square Bowl
Maxwell-squarebowl L
Maxwell Square Bowl
Maxwell Square Collection (Shown in Silver)
Maxwell square collection (Shown in silver)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Maxwell Square Sizes
Maxwell square sizes
Maxwell Square Bowl Desktop Planter (Ametrine)
Maxwell square bowl desktop planter (Ametrine)
Maxwell Square Bowl on Filetop (Burnished Bronze)
Maxwell square bowl on filetop (Burnished bronze)
Maxwell Square Bowl Planter on Pedestal (Gunmetal)
Maxwell square bowl planter on pedestal (Gunmetal)
Maxwell Square Bowl Plant Container on Pedestal  (Gunmetal)
Maxwell square bowl plant container on pedestal (Gunmetal)
Maxwell-squarebowl L
Collection maxwell-sq-bowl L
finishes L
sizes-maxwell-square-bowl L
Maxwell-sq-bowl-ametrine L
Maxwell-sq-bowl-brnshd-bronze L
Maxwell-sq-bowl-gunmetal L
Maxwell-sq-bowl-gunmetal2 L

Making sure you have the right planter for your landscape arrangements and displays is made easier with our large selection of planters in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Our modern looking Maxwell Square bowl is chic, dimensional and refined. The narrow base flares into a large bowl shape giving the Maxwell its cool inverse design. From 6’ to 14.5”, and 38 standard finishes to choose from, we have a Maxwell Square bowl that will make an impression quickly. For your succulents, plants, grasses and more, the Maxwell Square Bowl can showcase arrangements on its own or atop a pedestal for natural art showpiece.


  • Starting dimensions range from 6"-14.5"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
Available Colors

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