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Cook Tall Oval ID# XCKT20

Cook Tall Oval
Cook Tall Oval
Cook-Oval-Tall L
Cook Tall Oval
Tall Oval Cook Plant Containers (25.2
Tall oval cook plant containers (25.2"h, 36.9"h, and 51.5"h)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Cook Tall Oval Planter Specifications
Cook tall oval planter specifications
Cook Plant Container Collection
Cook plant container collection
Cook-Oval-Tall L
Collection cook-oval-tall L
finishes L
sizes-cook-oval-tall L
Cook-containers L

Finishing the setup of your plants and flowers, grasses and trees in the right planter doesn’t have to be a challenge. The Cook Tall Oval planter is a wonderful combination of the traditional planter edge with a modern gentle sloping edge for visual appeal. Tall planters serve as pedestals to showcase your green art. If you are looking to add some height and lift to your plants, the Cook Tall Oval planter will also provide a fashionable and functional element to your design. The wide oval top will accommodate a large arrangement of plants and flowers, or consider a collection of succulents with a variety of shapes and sizes to amplify the bowl shape. Round planters can soften commercial spaces and the gentle edge on the Cook Bowl adds a bit of unique movement to the basin. With sizes up to 51.5” and 38 finishes to choose from, the Cook Tall Oval is a favorite!


  • Starting dimensions range from 25.2"-51.5"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
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