Architectural Column Cladding With Decorative Fake Oak Trees

Wakuee, IA

Architectural Column Cladding with Decorative Fake Oak Trees Situation : RJ Lawn Service specializes in landscape design, lawn maintenance, irrigation and snow removal for the greater Des Moines, IA area. The company’s showroom, often used for client meetings, had a not-so-good-looking exposed column sticking out like a sore thumb in one of the corners. Looking to spruce up the showroom, RJ Lawn pursued an architectural column cladding solution using a fake oak tree that would both disguise the column and provide a good fit for their services and brand. Initiative : Using fake plants and trees as a disguise is an effective design technique, as we have discussed in a blog post about concealing cell phone towers with silk trees. RJ Lawn took a stab at making the column into a tree themselves by painting the column dark brown and black to represent the bark of a tree. Suffice to say it didn't turn out as they'd hoped. Thinking their showroom needed to stand out to impress clients, RJ Lawn contracted with commercial silk for column cladding using a fake oak tree. RJ Lawn and the Commercial Silk Int'l design team settled on a artificial Red Oak half tree product. The tree was assembled on site, with our design team first manufacturing a tree trunk with a sonotube inner structure to clad the column. The structure was then wrapped with artificial tree bark created from a mold of a real Oak tree trunk. The commercial grade, flame resistant tree bark was then custom painted with an array of natural colors. When finished, the tree wrapped the architectural column in a manner that made it appear as if it extended beyond the showroom wall. Results : The column clad fake Oak tree, a major component for the manicured landscape theme, brings the outdoors into this bright and welcoming showroom. RJ Lawn Service uses this (once drab) meeting space to accentuate their landscaping specialties, impress clients, and win business.

  • Project: Architectural Column Cladding With Decorative Fake Oak Trees
  • Location: Wakuee, IA
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