Outdoor Faux Hedge & Outdoor Faux Shrubbery For Casino Entrance

St. Charles, MO

Outdoor Faux Hedge & Outdoor Faux Shrubbery for Casino Entrance Situation : Ameristar Casinos recently re-modeled and re-opened a luxury suite Casino Resort Spa complex in St. Charles, Missouri. Among major new outdoor design features was an enhanced entryway with a five-lane road leading to the front doors of the casino. Part of the design of the new entrance called for a garden of UV resistant outdoor faux hedges and faux shrubbery. A local outdoor landscaping firm was hired to explore the possibility of using outdoor artificial plants. One of the challenges facing the design team was finding a manufacturer that could provide UV faux shrubbery and hedges that were large enough to landscape to the full height of the entrance structure. Initiative : Commercial Silk Int’l was contracted by the outdoor landscaping firm to work through various outdoor artificial plant options. The casino entrance is a covered area, which lead the Commercial Silk Int’l design team to propose UV resistant outdoor hedges and shrubbery in two-tone colors to brighten the area. A few design challenges popped up during the design phase, allowing Commercial Silk Int’l to showcase its custom production capabilities. First, while the outdoor faux hedges and shrubbery needed to be trapezoid in shape, the frames had to fit curves in their planters. Second, the new boulevard sloped toward the casino entrance, meaning that the faux hedge specifications had to be customized and carefully crafted. Results : Commercial Silk Int’l successfully designed and manufactured the custom outdoor faux shrubbery and hedges, which were produced by hand using Boxwood artificial foliage. The fine textured material along with the vibrant two toned colors created an upscale and exciting first impression for visitors. The installation was quickly completed due to an easy-to-implement landscape installation plan, and the outdoor shrubs and hedge plants satisfied all of the project UV requirements, ensuring the entrance will maintain its grand appeal for years to come.

  • Project: Outdoor Faux Hedge & Outdoor Faux Shrubbery For Casino Entrance
  • Location: St. Charles, MO
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