Outdoor Silk Cedar Trees & Cedar Tree Topiaries For Courtyard

Eau Claire, WI

Outdoor Silk Cedar Trees & Cedar Tree Topiaries for Courtyard Situation : Luther Middelfort Hospital in Eau Claire, WI was contemplating a landscaping addition for an exterior courtyard visible on several sides from patient rooms and administrative offices. In keeping with the natural environment, the hospital wanted outdoor silk Cedar trees and Cedar tree topiaries to anchor the design. Initiative : Commercial Silk Int’l created a design plan using several outdoor artificial cedar trees that would accommodate the topography, provide large vertical elements that could withstand the challenging outdoor weather conditions, and provide an interesting visual amenity for both patients and staff. Results : The groves of outdoor silk cedar trees, native to Wisconsin, came to wholly define the courtyard space. The cedar topiaries added texture, color, and a scale that made the area seem more natural and visually accessible. Large boulders, indigenous to the area, were used as retaining walls to solve severe slope problems. A dry creek bed provides a focal point in the courtyard and acts as a drainage ditch in the event of substantial rain or snow. Last, small planting beds are utilized throughout to add seasonal color.

  • Project: Outdoor Silk Cedar Trees & Cedar Tree Topiaries For Courtyard
  • Location: Eau Claire, WI
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