Fake Tree Stump

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Our Fake Tree Stumps are used by landscapers and interior designers for many purposes – as part of a forest or woodsy scene, a countryside look or an old-world garden look, tree stumps are true representations of the landscape. They are also perfect for setting up planters and flower pots, seasonal décor, or with a gnome or two…these add character and charm along with their utility. Our Fake Tree Stumps are artisan crafted to look exactly like a natural tree stump, full of texture and style, with varying heights and dimensions. Colored perfectly to look botanically accurate and designed to replicate a number of tree varieties, we have a great selection for you to choose your tree accent.
Have you always want to add a bit of dark academia aesthetic to your space? If so, these artificial tree stumps might be just what you need. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux tree stumps are versatile. You can use one in your home or office spaces as a stool, a shelf, or a stand for houseplants.
Plantscape Commercial Silk uses premium quality material while creating these fake tree stumps. Designed for easy installation and use in any environment, our artificial tree stumps are made to last, because we use durable materials. Each piece is carefully painted to create an authentic-looking tree stump and is perfect for your indoors. Our faux tree stumps come in four different sizes or you can customize according to your needs.
Each faux tree stump you purchase from us comes with a special feature – ThermaLeaf®. Our ThermaLeaf® technology makes sure that your faux stump is fireproof and self-extinguishing. It also makes your faux tree stump resistant to discoloration.

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Height 6", 12", 18", 25"
thermaleaf Available

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