Fake Decorative Tree Stump
Fake Decorative Tree Stump
Fake Decorative Tree Stump
Fake Decorative Tree Stump
Fake Decorative Tree Stump
Fake Decorative Tree Stump

Fake Decorative Tree Stump

ID# STPF1210

If you are looking to create ground scraping for a forest or woodsy scene, a countryside looks as well as an old-world garden look, consider adding tree stumps for a real landscape look and feel. Perfect for setting up planters and flower pots, seasonal décor, or with a gnome or two…these Tree Stumps add charm and character as well as utility. Artisan crafted to look exactly like natural tree stumps, full of texture and style, with varying heights and dimensions, these tree remnants live on with purpose. Each stump is colored perfectly to look botanically accurate and designed to replicate a number of tree varieties. We have a great selection of tree stumps for you to choose your tree accent. Attractive, durable, and customizable….these are wonderful landscape features!
You can bring a rustic charm to your commercial landscape with Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial Decorative tree Stumps. It will add some woodsy scenes to your commercial place. You can use faux Decorative tree Stump Sets in your office or cafe as candle holders or small tables, or just as a planter. If you are struggling to get chic decor for your hotel or spa, these Decorative tree Stumps are perfect.
You can get different-sized artificial Decorative tree Stumps for your commercial places. Therefore, you can choose different types of Stamps based on your preferences. If you want to use the fake Decorative tree Stumps as a table, you can use the Stumps 18″ and 25″ in height. If you are going to place the Stumps as planters or decorative holders, you can purchase 6″ and 12″ artificial Decorative tree Stumps. If durability is your preference, Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux Decorative tree Stumps is the best choice as we provide ThermaLeaf® protection in our products. Therefore, the tree Stumps will be Fire-retardant and long-lasting.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux Decorative tree Stumps are attractive, durable, and adaptable, making them great landscaping accents for your business. We offer meticulously tinted stumps to be botanically accurate and meant to resemble a variety of tree species so that they can add natural accents to the decor.

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Height6", 12", 18", 25"

Product Data Sheet3-Part Specifications

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