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The Whimsical World of Topiaries

Imagine a posh, picturesque English manor complete with a beautiful garden, a multi-tiered central fountain, and of course, a parade of well-tended topiaries. That word can mean a lot, from simple boxwood hedges to dreamlike renditions of animals walking on two legs, all made from the same hardy shrub.

These carefully grown topiaries typically take about five years to grow to their full size, and then require consistent watering, cleaning and trimming to keep them alive and well. That news might rain on your dreams of having your own topiary parades, but fear not - Artificial Topiaries are here to save the show. We offer a curated selection of hugely popular Artificial Topiaries so that you can find something that matches your aesthetic, and is guaranteed to look stylish and healthy for years, not just seasons.

Persistent Perfection

Faux Boxwood Topiaries are pure magic. With simple rectangular Boxwood Hedges, you can add value and create natural-looking privacy to your commercial property with a universally adored and stately aesthetic. If you’re not looking for an overhaul, you can get the same brilliant manicured look by installing a selection of Fake Topiary Trees with an excellent variety of shapes and styles to choose from.

And the best part is, you won’t have to wait five years for these Artificial Topiaries to grow, and you won’t have to constantly tend them either. Our Artificial Boxwood Topiary shrubs are crafted to perfectly match the look and feel of real ones you’d find in a manicured live garden, built to your exact specifications. Indoor, Outdoor, Fire Resistant, UV Resistant, Designed, Built and Installed - we can do it all from start to finish, or we can defer to your direction if you’re ready to build the English manor garden of your dreams.