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If you are working in a commercial entity, then you should know how challenging it is to work with the décor. You need to maintain a perfect balance between formal and fun. You need to create a décor which will blend well with the work environment and at the same time, a workspace which will appeal to the style and tastes of millennials. This formal and fun balance has to be juggled not just by offices but by retail stores, high-end shops, airports, shopping malls, colleges and more. And if you are looking for a stylish, practical and easy to work with decorative element which will help you achieve the desired look, then here is something which will be ideal for you – a collection of artificial topiaries.

A great way to bring the charm and elegance of English-styled gardens, our artificial topiaries will bring a smile on everyone’s face. Whether you want to bring structure to the landscape or want something which will add a dash of whimsy, these faux topiaries will give you the style and look you have always wanted. An ideal decorative element to add a warm, welcoming touch to the space, our silk topiary collection will provide a relaxed backdrop for your space. Want to carve your business logo into a topiary? Have some special design or personal story in mind which you want to etch in a rejuvenating foliage? Let us know and we will conceptualize it and tell a narrative via our topiary. Full of personality and excitement, our collection of artificial topiaries combine traditional splendor and chic looks and are known to give a modern twist to any landscape. A great way to freshen up a dull setting, these fake topiaries will bring a sense of rejuvenation and provide warmth to the space. With beautiful contrast, smooth texture and lush foliage, our silk topiaries are relaxing and are perfectly suited to a large number of settings including airports, shopping malls, pools, hotels, restaurants, office lobbies and others. Crafted from premium quality material, these fake topiaries look extremely lifelike and do not require constant maintenance. Durable and energetic, they will stay in your landscape till times to come and will continue to sparkle no matter how harsh weather conditions are. A great way to add appeal and make your space brighter and better, topiaries have a stunning visual aesthetic which is hard to miss.