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Artificial Topiaries for Outdoor & Indoor Use

A great way to bring the charm and elegance of a formal garden, our artificial topiaries will add a sense of serenity and peacefulness. You may choose to custom order your topiary in a fun whimsical animal shape or in a format that matches your corporate vision or brand. We can take your company logo and design a stunning piece of green art for your entryway! Created with beautiful, green, and lifelike silk foliage, our artificial tree plants require little to no maintenance and will last for years! Available for indoor and outdoor landscapes, our Topiaries will complement your existing design or let us help you bring your concepts to life!

Why Buy Artificial Topiaries from Commercial Silk Int’l?

Topiary Design is the horticultural practice of shaping plants, shrubs, and trees into ornamental shapes and forms, including animals and geometric patterns, by pruning and training the foliage into the desired design. Our artists do this for you, so it is ready to implement into your landscape immediately. If you would like to create a décor that blends a traditional business environment with a manicured garden element, our collection of topiaries are a perfect option for your design, Topiary hedges can provide structure and architectural interest; topiary plants and shrubs provide sculpted art in unique shapes and silhouettes, and topiary trees add visual appeal with prominence and stature.

If you are working in a commercial entity, then you should know how challenging it is to work with the décor. You need to maintain a perfect balance between formal and fun. You need to create a décor which will blend well with the work environment and at the same time, a workspace which will appeal to the style and tastes of millennials. This formal and fun balance has to be juggled not just by offices but by retail stores, high-end shops, airports, shopping malls, colleges and more. And if you are looking for a stylish, practical and easy to work with a decorative element which will help you achieve the desired look, then here is something which will be ideal for you – a collection of artificial topiaries.

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