Artificial Pine Trees

If your landscape design needs a more customized option, our Artificial Pine Trees can be made to suit your exacting needs and specifications. All of our faux Pine Trees are created using superb life like materials, are maintenance free, and can be used in multiple settings. If you are looking to add a woodsy feel or a bit of seasonal charm to your commercial space, we will custom manufacture the perfect Artificial Pine tree for you!


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There are very few trees which are as spectacular as the Pine Tree. One of the most ornamental and exquisite trees around, they can be used as a specimen tree in any theme or landscape design. Tall and incredibly appealing, these wonderful specimens make for an eye-catching centerpiece in any space. If you’re trying to integrate some in your commercial space landscaping project, then have a look at our gorgeous collection of artificial Pine Trees. A symbol of peace and longevity, Pine Trees are highly striking elements that will give you a standout setting. And this is exactly what you can expect from our artificial Pine Tree collection.

Range of Faux Pines Trees for Themes and Landscapes

From artificial Buddhist Pine Trees to artificial Lodgepole Pine Trees, faux Limber Pine Trees to faux Long Needle Pine Trees, fake Rocky Mountain Pine Trees to fake Scotch Pine Trees, we have one of the largest and most realistic collection of outdoor and indoor Pine Trees that will give you scenic views till times to come. An easy option when it comes to creating a fun and refreshing space, we have faux Pine Trees in a range of styles, sizes, varieties, and materials to suit your requirements and give you a special space in no time. From tall Pine Trees to short, baby Pine Trees, we have trees that will catch your eye. A great way to add new lease of life to your dull or average theme or landscape project, we have fake Pine Trees which will have an uplifting effect in your commercial space season after season.

Trees that will perk up your ordinary theme or landscape without any hassle, our artificial Pine Trees are some of the most lifelike and exotic ones around and will bring exciting details to the setting. If you’re looking to buy Pine Trees for commercial space, then this collection will never let you down.

Order Your Artificial Pine Trees Now!

At commercial silk international, we strive to work with you to make sure you have the excellent artificial pine trees to feature in your office interior design, restaurant interior design to highlight your indoor space. Please visit our artificial pine trees collection to make your choice today. Custom artificial pine trees orders allow us to add your business space a personal touch. Ask about options and pricing.