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fake tree cell tower

The perfect green space merges with its surroundings, be it real or faux. But what can you do about the unsightly utility poles or cell towers that might mar the beauty of an otherwise perfect spot?

The best idea is to cover such outdoor structures with realistic foliage, maybe some pine tree boughs, that blend with the outdoor landscaping. You will succeed in not just hiding the poles, pipes and metal towers but also in beautifying the space. Make your area greener, more in sync with live nature.

If you are looking to create a fake tree cell tower then you’re on the right page. Read on to find out all about choosing the right green for your landscaping needs. 

Consider your space

Before you embark on a search for the fake tree tower, measure your space. This is very important, and the first step. Measure your tower’s height and girth, and plan accordingly.

artificial cell tower pine tree

You need to know exactly how much coverage you will get per branch. This will ensure you neither buy too much nor too less of artificial cell tower pine tree boughs. This will save you another trip to the shops.

Choosing the Right Material

As far as short or tall fake trees are concerned, the material used to make them is either PVC or PE. Both materials have their uses and shortfalls. However, the final product depends on how the material was treated.

Artificial plants need not be a reminder of the absence of real plants. You can find a balance of perfect material and research-driven innovations when you choose the right plants.

Find The Perfect Colors

For choosing the right shade of green, look around you. Does the cell tower fake tree match the surroundings? Does it complement the nature that it is meant to be a part of? Does it For instance, these branches won’t be a great addition to a desert landscape. 

A landscaping design that features snow and real pines might be the ideal backdrop, but you can mix n’ match. Remember, for stunning effects, the right fit is necessary. And personal touches, even for outdoor structures, is what make your green space unique.

Don’t Compromise On Aesthetic Appeal

Needless to say, the overall effect should be a match. The living counterparts of these faux plants should blend in seamlessly. Check for how authentic the branches look upon closer inspection and the way the nodes rise and fall. The trunk should be lightweight and preferably made of resin. This ensures it will last longer.

Buy For Longevity

Your exterior structures are exposed to the elements all through the year. They are made of materials that ensure they last a long time under duress. Why should your faux plants be any different?

cell tower tree

Choose pieces that are injected with UV protectants. This ensures that your artificial pine boughs are weather-resistant, as well as fade-proof. What could be better? Invest in something that will stick around for longer than most. Install and forget.

Buy So You Don’t Have to Spend on Maintenance

One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of fake trees and plants is their easy maintenance. 

Most people are unable to take time out from their busy schedules to tend to live plants. Setting up gardeners, or a regular landscaping agency is sure to be a burden on your wallet.  

Outdoor faux plants are modeled keeping weather factors in mind. No need for a regular wipe-down with these plants. No need to hoover them, or even give them a wash. The wind and rain will be the perfect way to clean them naturally.

A Word On Customization

Not all artificial trees will be customized for your needs. Not all manufacturers are able to do specific customizations. In that case, you might have to make changes to your outdoor landscaping design itself.

If you are unwilling to compromise on what your final vision was for green space, go for plants that you can get customized. You can’t go wrong with custom-sized and fitted pine tree greenery for your spaces.

Decide A Price Point, But Don’t Be Stubborn

The price bracket is something you have to come to terms with. Yes, artificial plants can end up being more expensive than real plants. But when you think about the responsibilities and work that comes with live plants, it seems like a small price to pay. 

fake tree tower

It is almost like an investment, an investment to make your outdoors more beautiful, more in tune with the nature that surrounds it. So expect high prices, but know this: these will last you for ages. 

Think about the Environment 

Lastly, consider this: If you buy faux plants you not just save money but also play a part in saving the environment. Buying real pine boughs means a live tree has been stripped somewhere. This will continue happening, with trees being uprooted and shifted elsewhere just to make the area pretty. 

With faux plants, you can minimize this, maximize your returns and enjoy a carefree time after your landscaping designs have been set up. 

The carbon footprint that comes with manufacturing faux plants will be negated within a few years. It’s better than cutting up real trees and deforestation, and it almost pays for itself.

Faux plants are ideal for disguising those trouble spots in all landscaping designs. The poles, towers, and utility pipes take away from the beauty of a spot. And these pine tree boughs can be the perfect way to dress up these areas.

And why limit these faux trees to merely covering up outdoor utility poles and cell towers? You can use them to give your banisters a makeover for Christmas. Or how about wrapping a few on the utility pipes crisscrossing the basement? The choice is yours. Go ahead and pick out a few of these perfect-looking boughs and branches, and accessorize.