We don’t set the standard, we surpass it.

Commercial Silk is the leader in craftsmanship and customization. With over 40 years of experience, our service in the industry is unmatched.

Turnkey Commercial Solutions

Our architects, designers, engineers and artists collaborate to create fully realized, awe-inspiring experiences.

Our 30+ years of operation have imparted us with unrivaled expertise in made-to-order green experiences. We sculpt our trees with artistry and love, and a genuine passion for creating spaces intertwined with nature. We pride ourselves on botanical accuracy, meticulously following nature’s blueprint for perfect replica plants and trees. The end result is a tree like no other, as beautiful as it is convincing, just as you imagined.

But buying with Commercial Silk is about more than getting the product you wanted. Just as we strive to build experiences for the people that use your space, we also provide our clients with a powerfully positive experience from start to finish.

From the beginning, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you’re in good hands. Our Project Managers and Support Staff are excited to talk trees, to hear your ideas, and give their recommendations to create the environment you’re dreaming of. They’ll guide you in your decisions and provide you with mockups, timelines and photo approvals to keep you in sync.

We’ve been known to crush deadlines. Whether you’re setting up for a high-stress event, or adding some life to your office space, we’re there for you. Your trees arrive intact, on-time and ready for installation, with simple reassembly and minimal maintenance.

So, when we say we deliver Turnkey Commercial Solutions, we mean it. From concept to conversation to creation, delivery, and beyond, we build the solution and hand you the key. Welcome to your own secret garden.

Interior Landscaping

What’s the difference between having replica plants and having interior landscaping?

It’s not cost.

While anyone can furnish a space with a handful of artificial plants and trees, the lack of intent and landscape design knowledge creates a tangibly unpleasant experience. Nothing makes us sadder than to see a lonely ficus collecting dust in an underutilized conference room. When we design an interior landscape, we draw inspiration from culture, from geography, architecture, geometric patterns, organic precedents, and that motivation comes forward in every installation.

When you enter a designed landscape, you are immersed in another place entirely. For just a moment, your environment changes, and your state of mind along with it. For a moment, you’re lost among the beautiful dry grasses and olive trees of the medeterranean, and your daily worries take a back seat.

It all comes down to experience. Our team has honed their ability to capture the essence of a landscape and deliver it in an artistically satisfying, logistically practical package that is designed around the character of your space.

Fire Tests

Your safety and well being are our top priority; that’s why we’ve done more fire safety testing than anyone out there. Our rigorous standards have lead us to compliance with a huge number of state and country regulations, including:

US Gov SIN 4722-06
ASTM E84-95 Class A
California Title 19
NFPA 701
NFPA 705
BS 476: Part 7 Class 0
BS 476: Part 6 Class 0
NF X 700-100
CAN/ULC S109 Small Scale
CAN/ULC S109 Large Scale
EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009

Our products are built to comply so that you never have to worry for the safety of the people that enjoy your interior landscaping, or fret over compliance issues during design and installation.

Get more questions answered: FAQ:

Why is Flame Retardant Foliage Important?
Historically, many deadly fires have been caused or catalyzed by a lack of fire resistance in artificial plants. In every case, these fires could have been prevented with properly manufactured fire retardant plants and trees.

What makes non fire resistant silk plants so dangerous?
As you might suspect, the polyester fabric of untreated foliage easily susceptible to ignition, and the plastic components melt and burn easily. Once a fire is started, the untreated foliage spreads the flames rapidly, producing a high volume of burning, dripping plastic and noxious smoke.

What fire resistant tests are required for silk plants?
The fire tests required can depend on a number of factors, but the most commonly cited fire tests are the NFPA 701, and the ASTM E84. Both of these tests are cited by the International Fire Code and the NFPA 1 Fire Code, the most commonly adopted state fire codes.

What do the silk plant fire tests measure?
This varies between tests, but typically measures the flame propagation and smoke generation of the burning material. This data answers two questions;
If the product were to ignite, will the product self extinguish or will it spread?
If the product were to ignite, how much smoke is created?

Who enforces the use of fire resistant silk plants?
The local fire official having jurisdiction over the project will enforce the building fire code requirements and ensure products comply with the code.

How do fire officials ensure code compliance?
The fire official will require the manufacturer to supply relevant fire test certificates. The fire official may also perform a field fire test on the product to validate its certification.

What if I’ve installed non fire resistant plants already?
From experience, this can be a costly mistake. In most cases, the fire official will require all the non fire resistant product be removed and replaced with compliant products. This cost can be exponentially greater if these delays impact the opening of your facility.

Fire Resistant Products

There are two ways to make artificial foliage resistant to fire spread. The most trusted and effective method is to infuse the raw materials with fire retardant properties during the injection molding process, creating an inherently fire-retardant product - ThermaLeaf®. Artificial foliage can also be created by spraying or dipping the product in fire retardant chemicals. Here’s a side by side comparison of these methods and their consequences:

ThermaLeaf® Foliage (Inherently Fire Retardant)
Fire safe chemicals impregnated into the plant materials during manufacturing
Can not wash or wear off
Structurally sound fire retardant plants and trees; premium grade fire safe plant materials withstand commercial application.
Smooth surface reduces dust build-up
Visually identical compared to standard foliage
Consistent, compliant fire protection
US Gov SIN 4722-06
ASTM E84-95 Class A
California Title 19
NFPA 701
NFPA 705
BS 476: Part 7 Class 0
BS 476: Part 6 Class 0
NF X 700-100
CAN/ULC S109 Small Scale, Large Scale
EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009

Topically Treated Fire Retardant Foliage
Treated by spraying or dipping it in topical fire retardant chemicals
May wash or wear off; requires periodic reapplication
Inconsistent fire protection for artificial plants
May degrade materials, resulting in a wilted appearance
Tacky chemical surface film attracts dust
Foliage may have a spotty or discolored film from the chemicals

Sadly, insufficiently protected artificial foliage has contributed to real suffering on numerous occasions. When artificial plants have no protection, or expired topical treatments, they burn rapidly, dripping puddles of flaming toxic chemicals to the ground and igniting other surfaces. In many cases, a small fire started by a careless cigarette or match causes an entire building to go up in flames. Below is a list of news stories in which poorly protected artificial foliage is at fault for sometimes devastating loss: