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Bringing the Outside In

As the convenience of technology continues to rise, people are finding themselves spending more and more time indoors. People gravitate to control and comfort, and that’s exactly what the indoor world provides - a comfortable and controlled environment. But we’re leaving something behind when we spend all of our time indoors - a very important something that has been part of our periphery since, well, forever.

That something is Nature; more specifically, trees themselves. Of course, the purpose of going inside is to escape from the wild nature of the outside world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the outside in with us.

Under the right circumstances, live trees can survive indoors for their whole lives provided they are well tended, but ultimately, most buildings just aren’t good candidates for live trees. In places with low lighting, varied climate control or difficult access, live trees don’t stand a chance.

Artificial Trees

The path to a more controlled and sustainable indoor environment is Artificial Trees. At Commercial Silk, we’re dedicated to delivering authentic experiences that match the presence the live counterpart. We promise you’ll never tire of seeing people reaching out to touch the leaves and bark just to satisfy their curiosity. Our goal is always to create a unique, natural works of art that rise above the impression of “Fake Tree”.

We pride ourselves on the botanical accuracy of our Artificial Trees, detailing every inch to meet its natural design. If you’ve seen a live tree out in the real world that you love, we can #ReplicateThat and integrate it into your commercial space as a Faux Tree that doesn’t need water or sunlight to thrive year over year.

Real Transformative Experiences

By introducing a biophilic undercurrent to your environment, you’re transforming the experience of moving through that space. Artificial Trees can reshape the flow of an entire building, make major gestures of depth, and create beautiful new vistas that elevate your reputation. Even if you’re aware that the trees are artificial, the experience within your subconscious is very real. To your brain, there’s nothing different about them, making the experience equally pleasant and harmonious as if you were in a natural tranquil grove.