Artificial Trees

The path to a more controlled and sustainable indoor environment is Artificial Trees. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we’re dedicated to delivering authentic biophilic design experiences that match the presence of the live counterpart. Our goal is always to create unique, natural works of art that rise above the impression of “fake tree”.

We pride ourselves on the botanical accuracy of our fake trees indoors and outdoors, detailing every inch to meet its natural design. If you’ve seen a live tree out in the real world that you love, we can fully replicate and integrate it into your commercial biophilic space. This will be a faux tree that doesn’t need water or sunlight to thrive, and will forever look as stylish as it did on installation day.

No matter what design style you have, greenery provides a gorgeous touch to any space. There’s something incredibly charming about a space that blends trees in the décor. While live trees are stunning, maintaining them in a commercial space is not always feasible. That’s where artificial trees come into the picture. Fake trees make a space rejuvenating and complete. Stunning décor accents that will enliven the surroundings, as artificial indoor trees are a must-have in any décor.