Artificial Moss Walls

immersive, natural appeal

An excellent fit for small offices, quiet places, and areas of relaxation and self-care.

Moss combines a gentle, contemporary expression of modern design taste with the timeless aesthetic of nature, a look that promises to stay fresh for years. Make something special of your space using moss walls to create a truly unique reception area complete with wall-to-wall greenery, or an eye-catching moss wall panel behind the desk to elevate your brand.

Take advantage of the softness of moss and build a restorative environment that calms and soothes. Moss introduces a subtle hush that sets the tone for your space – deck your walls with premium preserved moss and observe as your guests suddenly feel inclined to speak softly and respect their surroundings.

The technology behind long-lasting moss walls has come a long way. With brilliantly colored preserved moss, there’s no need to constantly water and fret about a living system and no fear of color loss over time. Preserved moss is a versatile and forward-thinking way to bring your space closer to nature, and recharge your guests as they spend time in your restorative green wall garden.