Artificial Bamboo Trees

Subtle, Dignified, Calming

Well suited for Hotels, Spas, Atriums, and calm, quiet places.

Narrow, graceful, and iconic Bamboo trees create an immediate sense of sophistication while remaining subtle and reserved. Recognized around the world, the familiarity of Bamboo trees help people connect with the space around them. They are made to inspire a sense of exotic luxury that lends to the experience of your commercial space.

Our meticulously replicated artificial Bamboo trees are hand-crafted up to 40 feet tall, giving you maximum versatility in style and application. Bare, industrial walls can be dressed with towering Bamboo trees that reach into the rafters, creating an elegant and natural feature with efficient visual coverage. When lower to the ground, small artificial Bamboo trees have the ideal density to create privacy screens without fully dividing spaces or blocking too much light.

With the biophilic movement in full swing among architects and interior designers alike, the likeness of Bamboo trees has never been in higher demand. Botanically accurate, fully natural-looking Bamboo trees give you the best of both worlds, with convincing detail that won’t wither or tarnish with time like a living plant would.

Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing, calm atmosphere or add some privacy to your commercial hospitality space, Bamboo trees are the best way to do it. When you buy with Commercial Silk, you’re getting products designed by landscape architects who pay attention to all of nature’s little details. Our trees are made with the safest, top-quality materials available with superior fire protection and UV resistance, meaning you get natural-looking trees with an unnaturally long lifespan.