Artificial Birch Trees

Rustic, Trendy, Colorful

Well suited for Hotels, Commercial Offices, Shopping Centers, and themed spaces

The bleach white bark of the Birch tree is quickly becoming one of the most sought after looks in the design industry. These stark, bright trunks make an eye-catching impact that sticks in the mind, making a truly memorable experience for the people that visit your brand.

When we sculpt our artificial Birch trees, we customize them to fit your exact needs. That means you get the perfect tree for you; With just the right shape, density, and height to complete your space, our customization options guarantee that your environment will be set for anything. Hit the pause button on time itself and build a scene in a permanent state of autumn, with vibrant red and gold fall foliage that never drops.

We like to give nature the center spotlight. This goes doubly for the famous white trunks of the birch tree. Whenever possible, we use real natural Birch trunks, complete with the iconic white paper bark. This gives you the best of natural and artificial, with brilliant long-lasting foliage, and a real trunk that contributes to incredible realism and an undeniable presence.

With interior greenery on the rise in the world of design, Birch trees have carved out space for themselves as one of the most unique and identifiable looks in the world of biophilia.

Whether your hand-crafted and customized trees live outside or inside, in epic scale or in humble planters, Commercial Silk will deliver the ultimate experience in realism, material quality, and longevity. Feel peace of mind with our ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant foliage, and our Permaleaf® Outdoor UV resistant foliage, designed with your safety and happiness in mind.