Artificial Bonsai Trees

Artistic, Contemplative, Eye-catching

Well suited for Lobbies, Reception Areas, and places where your brand is on display.

Bonsai trees are normally grown over a great number of years, as they are carefully guided, trimmed, and shaped into an expression designed by the grower. We pay homage to that thoughtful and intentional process by artfully hand-sculpting each of our Artificial Bonsai Trees into a truly awesome focal point.

Bonsai trees make for one incredible feature display. Whether it’s set into a fully-furnished zen garden or poised under a single spotlight, these curling, winding works of art will captivate people visiting your brand, and compel them to engage with your space in a memorable way. Our talented artists study nature and observe fine details like wood grain direction and branch twisting, applying their intimate botanical knowledge to their work, creating an earnest replication of the natural subject.

The design world has spoken, and green is the new black. With so many commercial spaces choosing to work with Artificial Trees as their primary decor, how do you stand out? In many opinions, Bonsai Trees are nothing less than art; more than just a tree, and much more than decoration. Turn your most important spaces into a museum of beautiful Bonsai Trees that demonstrate just how much care and detail goes into your brand identity.

We can customize any part of our process and products to fit exactly what your situation calls for. With our control and experience in manufacturing, we are able to accommodate any request and aim to create something that truly represents your identity, and communicates that idea to your space.