Artificial Ficus Trees

Lush, Comforting, Inviting

Well suited for Corporate Offices, Restaurants, and places where people regularly meet

A healthy Ficus is a famously known sign of a well-kept office. Only the most attentive owners will know how to properly care for the notoriously difficult Ficus, and nobody wants their brand associated with unhealthy or dried-up plants. That’s why our fake Ficus Tree is a champion of the healthy office as a permanently pretty testament to your brand’s strength.

With a large faux Ficus tree, you’ll never have to worry about moving plants from room to room to get enough sunlight or wake up in a cold sweat wondering if they got watered before the weekend. Every time you turn on the lights, you’ll be greeted by lush and lively foliage that brings relaxation and biophilia to your space.

Though the humble Ficus has adorned interiors for decades now, the biophilic movement sweeping through the architectural world has brought new life to these trees. While the past would suggest a “plant or two for color,” the new trend is all about high density and replicating real green experiences. It’s no secret that plants make people happy, and more relaxed, and have a big impact on mental well-being, and you can reap all of those benefits with our no-hassle silk Ficus tree.

Plantscape Commercial Silk has the expertise to help you make every right decision for your space from style advice to installation. We provide a simple experience where you can feel confident in your choices and create a green space full of calm and vitality.