Artificial Ornamental Fruit Trees

Attractive, Colorful, Symbolic

Well suited to Hospitality Environments, Restaurants, and Educational Institutions

Fruit Trees are a simple celebration of the natural world and invigorate spaces in need of life and color. The crisp contrast of crimson apples against lush green foliage of an apple tree is as refreshing as the first bite of fruit and can serve as a new focal point in your reception area.

Working with artificial trees gives you more control, and puts all the choices in your hands. Our made-to-order Fruit Trees can include anything you need to make it yours, from apples to oranges and every variety in between. We’re able to customize any part of your trees, so if you need a tree that grows business cards at your next tradeshow, we can make that happen.

We’re in the middle of a global shift in design culture toward the natural world. There’s a growing demand to create spaces that connect people with tranquility and offer a reprieve in an increasingly chaotic daily environment. Fruit Trees are a powerful symbol for life and growth, and communicate positivity, health, and represents a healthy, modern brand.

We design and build botanically accurate replica trees that use the safest up-to-date and code-compliant materials available. You can rely on our industry experts to help you make the best decisions for your commercial project, and never have to worry about fire code compliance or costly replacements.