Artificial Maple Trees

Vibrant, Comforting, Popular

Well suited to Shared Workspaces, Corporate Offices, Restaurants and Clubs.

Maple Trees can do it all. Lush little Maple saplings have been a hugely popular choice for every type of space from libraries to lunch spots. With their recognizable star-like foliage, vivid colors, and picture-perfect canopies, it makes sense that so many places would include a versatile value champion like this.

But if you want to capture something truly awe-inspiring, we formally recommend that you go big or go home. While standing-height trees around the office might help to bring in some color, a full-scale Artificial Maple Tree makes for a veritable fireworks display of color that will stop people in their tracks. Even better, you can include any color in the autumn spectrum in your foliage, opening the door to festive fall scenery that’s frozen in time.

Designing a commercial space is a complicated task, and there’s no bigger disappointment than realizing your decor violates safety regulations when it’s too late. Our expertise and industry experience helps you avoid costly mistakes that ultimately save your project money, and ensures it’s done right the first time. Our specially formulated foliage uses ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant foliage that passes more fire safety compliance tests than any others, and for outdoor solutions, PermaLeaf® UV resistant foliage provides top performance in weatherproofing.

As more and more designers are falling in love with Biophilic trends, things like green walls, indoor gardens, and enclosed forests are sprouting up all over the world to remind us of the natural world when we’re hard at work. Studies have shown that including greenery and elements of plant life in your space makes a great positive impact on the brain – even if the greenery is artificial. Build a space where you can appreciate the colorful beauty of artificial Maple Trees, and feel for yourself the difference it can make.