Artificial Oak Trees

Powerful, Majestic, Familiar

Well suited to Corporate Offices, Parks, Public Venues, and nearly anywhere else.

Perhaps one of the most iconic and classic trees in the world, oak trees are distinguished by their thick, deep-grained bark, gnarled branches, and beautiful leaves. Oak trees are a common sight across the world, beloved for their expressive character and massive, shapely canopy.

While there are a lot of trees that achieve a grand scale given the right conditions, few varieties are known to grow as tall, wide, or strong as the oak. While that growth process might take up to fifty years to reach the desired result, our talented artists and sculptors can make a stunning replica for your space that’s ready when you need it.

Oak trees are notoriously tough, but even the toughest live trees often struggle to survive indoors. We design our replica trees to be just as tough and authentic, using real tree bark imprints and botanically accurate foliage. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about upkeep or replacement. Our oak foliage uses specially formulated materials permeated with fire-resistant technology that makes it safer and more compliant than any other for indoor use. For outdoor projects, Permaleaf® UV Resistant foliage retains brilliant color without crumbling to the sun and rain.

The industries of both architecture and interior design are diving headlong into an obsession with plant life. As we find ourselves at the forefront of the modern Biophilic movement, your brand messaging is met with an excellent opportunity to grow. No other gesture speaks to your brand’s confidence and understanding of modern taste in a more successful way than an early adoption of everyday mindfulness. Transform common spaces into something forward-thinking, and redefine your image as a modern thought leader that gets it.