Artificial Olive Trees

Strong, Iconic, Picturesque

Well suited to Corporate Offices, Hospitals, Fine Dining & Luxury Experiences

An ancient symbol of perseverance, the Olive tree in its natural form is known to grow in inhospitable soil, and continue to thrive despite hardship. It’s no wonder why artificial Olive Trees are one of the most popular varieties of all time – that spirit of perseverance is something that a lot of people can relate to. Not to mention, Olive Trees are just plain stunning and have an uncanny ability to work beautifully in any setting.

Faux Olive Trees from Commercial Silk are crafted to be botanically accurate – as close to the real thing as possible – with the added benefit of remaining perfectly poised and healthy in any climate. Our talented artists bring detailed life to each piece they create so the green experience that your space becomes is every bit as authentic as the Italian foothills.

The Biophilic movement is growing among Architects and Designers, a term that literally means “a love for life,” characterized by a dominance of nature in man-made environments. Changing your interior to chase design trends can be costly when style evolves at today’s rapid pace, but one thing we’ve learned is that nature never goes out of style. Trees are familiar to everyone, and their presence helps people feel welcome and want to remain in that space.

Though Olive Trees are known to be serious survivalists, we’ve been able to make them even stronger. With ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant foliage, your trees are protected against flame spread and comply with more fire safety codes than any other foliage available. If your destination is outdoors, PermaLeaf® UV-protected foliage will keep your trees from fading and failing, serving as a constant reminder that you, and your brand, will persevere.