Artificial Pine Trees

Cozy, Tidy, Rustic

Well suited to Shopping Centers, Office Atriums, Themed Spaces and Resorts

Pine trees have always had a reputation as orderly and contribute picturesque scenery, but the poised beauty of pine trees can compliment just about any space or scene to great effect. You can draw from alpine America and construct a space with a Rocky Mountain Pine that’s bursting with rugged and distinguished character, or show off the charm of an Umbrella pine tree.

The trees we design and build at Commercial Silk are durable, high-quality, and built to last for many years. Rather than paper-thin plastic shreds, we construct our Artificial Pine Trees with specially designed, botanically researched foliage that becomes practically indistinguishable from the real thing. We can also alter our foliage at the molecular level to create Fire Retardant or UV resistant foliage that better suits the needs of your project to protect your property and your investment.

If you’re considering redesigning your space, you’ve picked the perfect time to do it. The architecture and design industries are making a hard push for the inclusion of greenery and growth in our everyday lives, in what is being called the Biophilic Movement. Wear your love of nature on your sleeve and project a positive brand image that sends a message about a brighter future.