Quiet Terrace Felt Wall Planter

Quiet Terrace Felt Wall Planter


The PlantscapeQuiet Terrace Felt Wall Planter, although customizable, is inspired by the earth tones of natural clay in outdoor gathering places and recreated with wooden textures. This configuration includes the sound-dampening Poshfelt material making it even more intimate. The natural elements found in temperate and tropical climates practically emit a warmth that you can feel through the page. The plants offer a wonderful contrast in both color and texture.

Key Features

  • Content
    ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant Foliage, Soundcore® Recycled PET Acoustic Felt
  • Durability
    Impact resistant, shock absorbant
  • Weathering
    Non-deteriorating, non-hygroscopic, colorfast
  • Maintenance
    Clean with vacuum or light dusting
  • Warranty
    Comes with industry-leading standard warranty
  • Environmental
    LEEDv4, VOC free, 100% recyclable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, anti-microbial
  • Installation
    Plantscape Installation Systems are product specific
  • Acoustics
    Provides acoustic dampening
  • Flammability
    ASTM E84: Class A
  • Sustainability
    Made from 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable
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