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10 Artificial Plants For Your Commercial Space To Make A Strong Statement

It is always a good feeling to have a room filled with trees and flowers all around, but the cost of that can be a little bothering. At the same time, the maintenance of the same is a tough call in the rush hours of life.

A little research on the internet will take you to several websites offering a wide variety of choices

So which one to choose? Here are the 10 best options for artificial plants for your commercial space that sends a strong message to overall décor

Realistic Fake Plants

There are so many kinds of faux leaves available in the market. If you need to pick one, silk plants are the top choice.

Get your hands dirty and make some fantastic cement pots using paper cups, towels DIY rituals, and then fit in the medium-length plastic grasses in them.

A high raised platform like a windowpane or a table corner is best suited for these realistic fake plants. Although they do not replicate the original grasses, they do the job of making the working personnel feel good.

Fabric plants for the big space

Getting a real fig tree seems to be an excellent idea, but the cost of taking care of them is a pain. What if you can have a tree that looks as elegant as a fig plant but only needs some wiping with a soft cloth?

Fabric fig trees are yours to be kept in that case. They are super tall and add to the decorum of your commercial layout.

Place them in the right in the corners of the room, and you will have people coming and gazing at them for a while.

Some flowers on Boxwood Wreaths

While you have arranged your décor with green plants and trees, you must be craving some flowers too? Well, preserved boxwood wreath is the perfect plan. It gives an all-year-round Christmas feeling. Plus, you can always further decorate it with fresh flowers and ribbons and anything that suits the mood.

If you are planning to bulk purchase, there is a wholesale option for artificial boxwood wreaths. Buy in bulk and hang them all around the central plot. This ushers a statement of festivity; That you are not all about profit but emotions too!

Favorite faux Succulents

Who does not like having a collection of succulents in the “go green plan?” But the real plants have such high upkeep that it remains as a dream for most décor plans. If not that, its vast range in variety makes it all the more difficult to pick and choose.

But you can certainly have faux succulent plants perfectly placed in the center tables or tea tables. Every commercial plane has bathrooms. You can also have a range of succulents there, like a mini garden.

The best part? They are made in a manner where you do not have to choose from the variety. The choice is made for you.

Almost natural Fern

Most realistic artificial fern plants come in so many colors. You can choose any or many as per your wall panel. There is no need to worry about continually chopping off the extra growth to maintain the shape.

You can have a garden-style look for your commercial space by hanging them or just as attractive pieces.

Invite broadleaf ficus plants

Many commercial spaces do not get enough sunlight all through the day in all the corners. In such places, you cannot have these plants that need a straight proportion of sunlight or much humidity.

The best part about artificial ficus floor plants is that you can put them on the floor directly. There is no need to have a higher platform rise or a bottom base.

Try some bushy ficus plants in a beautiful basket with some moss in it.

The tropical breeze of Palm trees

The thought of sitting by a beach, enjoying a smoothie and the cool breeze from palm trees is so pleasing to the mind. This is why most working spaces have palm trees at random crooks.

The only problem is the real palm trees are not evergreen. But positively the fake ones are! Tall, high standing fake palm trees at the two sides of your door will add a sense of peace to your whole space setting.

No worries about the durability and everyone, visitors and workers alike, can enjoy the warmth of palm trees.

Artificial paradise bird plant

To continue with the tropical feeling, the bird of paradise plants is like icing on the cake. These plants are pure show-stealers because of color adaptation. They are symbols of happiness and merrymaking.

The long days of work and communication demand such a relaxing element on your décor.

Best Artificial Floor Plants

Artificial floor plants are the best sellers. Our fake floor plants are manufactured with a lot of precision, giving them a near-perfect look. When you touch these realistic silk floor plants, they feel real, not plastic.

Indeed, they generally come in very plain pots. But what can a creative mind not do? Use some fabric paints or jute ropes on the vase to give an artistic look to the whole plant.

Smooth as a silk plant

Hanging flower pots over the windows or even replacing the extra lamps with silk plants add grace to your décor. Some ropes and mud pots are all you need to hang these silky charms.

You can choose to have artificial bonsai silk plants for smaller areas. Even Boston silk plants which have leaves flowing out like a tiny fountain is so much better than dried original leaves.

Maintenance tip

In the commercial world of constant competition, even the mere look of a natural ambiance can act as a therapy. Fake plants if styled accurately, can give a real look and have genuine effects.

While you have lined up your best picks for the commercial décor look, it is vital to clean and wipe the artificial plants. Most of them are plastic-based where dust ends up sediments.

Have your cleaning gears ready!