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10 New Year Habits for De-Cluttering Your Home

To have a home which is simple and spacious without looking cluttered is attractive and appealing to all of us. These surroundings would be roomy, with lesser things to clean and organize and life would be less stressful. The question which haunts everyone is – How to go about it and where should they begin from?

Some people get overly stressed, thinking about how to de-clutter their homes. The idea of de-cluttering can be made joyful, by planning out things strategically and creatively. De-cluttering helps us to remove a lot of unwanted things that we collect over the years. We can give ourselves a fresh start to the New Year with an organized and cleaner home.

Getting inspired by de-cluttering

It is important to change our perspective and look at everything with a different approach. The process of un-cluttering brings in the need for planning and imagination, which can help us to clear things, which would have been otherwise difficult to remove. It is with the hope of seeing the place with a new light and perception. There are so many things that add to the clutter from getting gifts from people to other hand-me-down items, which need to be relooked and cleared.

Reorganize your furniture

It is important to get rid of worn-out furniture which does not match up with décor. It could be an old sofa, the bookshelf, the dining table or the unwanted peg tables. We must buy things only which are necessary, if we need them and not because we like something or it happens to be on sale.

Plan to give away things

Lots of things which get accumulated and stacked up over the years add to the clutter. We can remove certain things which we don’t need and sell them or give them away to charity. There are lots of dishes and cookware which we seldom use which can be given away or donated.

The simple thing is to ask ourselves these questions- Do we need this thing or how important is it to us? Or Do we like it? After a few minutes if we still cannot find an answer, then we may not require them the best thing is to have them removed.

Re-organize the accessories

It is important to reorganize things and remove the stuff that is not needed. The place looks more pleasant when things are well organized and kept in place. We can remove jars and containers from the shelves, with expired spices and food materials. It is necessary to get rid of empty containers and jars that get piled up and add to the clutter.

There are lots of things which do not last long or start to look faded and old and required to be recycled. Be it the old linen, towels, mats, or the rug in the living room.

Sort out the clothes

Our closets are always full of clothes that we wear and also with some stuff that we do not wear. The clothes for the winter or summer months should be sorted out according to the seasons and arranged accordingly.

There are many things in our closet which may not be to our liking and can be removed. The unwanted clothes can either be given away or removed. The clothes, shoes or other accessories which are in good condition can always be donated.

Clean the drawers and shelves

Over the years we stack up a lot of unnecessary junk and other stuff which accumulates and fills up our drawers and shelves. The drawers are generally full with stacks of paper randomly kept and which need to be sorted or shredded. The files in the drawers need to be properly streamlined and kept in order.

We might find medicines or makeup which may have expired and need to be cleared from the drawers.

Change the pictures and the decor

Changing the art ware and pictures are the most difficult things to do. We can create a photo album of the recent and past photos. We can then choose some favorite pictures and have them framed, and the rest can be organized and kept.

The décor of the place can be upgraded by putting in artificial foliage in the rooms. They require less maintenance and make the area look brighter. The wholesale silk plants and flowers add to the decor of the home. The site can be redesigned by adding some artificial landscaping. The artificial trees at the entrance along with fake vines give the place a fresh look.

Clear the toys and games

Once the children grow up, then they no longer want to play with their toys and games, which had been bought for them when they were young. We can think of donating them to charity or giving them away.

We take up hobbies and do not pursue them after a few years, but the equipment related to them add to the pile of clutter. In the coming New Year, we can clean up this clutter and make the place look spacious.

Get rid of broken tools and equipment

It is necessary to get rid of tools which are broken and not in use. The equipment which needs to be upgraded and changed helps to revamp the place. This prevents us from accumulating more junk and keeping the site cleaner. Selling or giving away tools or other small appliances which we hardly use can help us removing the un-required clutter.

Invest in Floating shelves and drawer organizers

The floating shelves and drawer organizers are very important to clear the clutter and keeping the place well organized. It helps in keeping the storage space minimal and small. We need to pack up anything that is not usable or in a good condition. Keeping a trash box or a donation box in handy is excellent, for removing the de-cluttered items and putting them in it. This will give us more living space.

The concept of de-cluttering is like setting up a goal and moving ahead one step at a time. In the coming New Year, we must keep aside five to six minutes every day for de-cluttering things we do not need. What we remove and how we organize the place is like starting on a new journey with enthusiasm. The goal for setting and creating an attractive ambiance should be a success with proper planning. By the end of the year, our home would be de-cluttered and look more spacious and inviting. We can move into the New Year with a cleaner space and with new resolutions.