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Green walls are lush vertical gardens and are an excellent solution for commercial properties that are short on space. These living walls take up minimal floor space and can transform the look and feel of the entire setting. Apart from bringing a soothing, tranquil feel to the setting, green walls create a professional environment that welcomes clients and customers and inspires employees. Although there is a drawback of these landscape elements – they require a lot of maintenance. In commercial spaces, this is a deal-breaker. In a commercial environment where there is increasing pressure to reduce costs, living walls are not a great fit since they require continued upkeep. The solution? Artificial Green Walls. 

Artificial Green Walls are perfect for commercial landscape projects that need to keep costs down yet require eye-catching greenery in their design scheme. The modern, artificial living walls are incredibly realistic, vibrant, safe, and eye-catching solutions that make a memorable first impression. Many commercial projects in the last decade have integrated artificial living walls into their design scheme due to the numerous benefits they offer and how easily they ‘wow’ visitors. Here are 10 surprising facts about artificial green walls. 

Natural Connection without Hassles

Biophilic design, an idea that explores humans’ inherent biological connection with nature, utilizes varying design strategies to introduce nature into one’s environment. Studies have shown that including greenery indoors can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, and boost positivity. Artificial green walls, with their soothing color and form, can evoke those positive feelings of being in nature without the upkeep that is needed with other landscape elements. 

Low Cost

When it comes to real green walls, there is a high upfront cost as well as continuous maintenance costs making them an unattractive proposition. The maintenance of real living walls can often involve downtime, another non-negotiable in most businesses. With artificial green walls, the upfront costs are significantly lower, there are zero maintenance costs and no maintenance downtime. Artificial living walls will save you money in the short-term and will continue to save you money and time in the long-term.

No Landscaping Partners

Since real living walls require periodic maintenance, pruning, cleaning, and other maintenance, the company that installs them also provides maintenance programs at an additional cost. This is not the case for artificial green walls. Artificial green walls require no heavy maintenance and can be easily cleaned in-house, so a landscaping partner to maintain them is not required. This means no hassle with customer service, no paperwork, and no downtime when maintenance is going on. 

No Special Requirements

ndoor plants require a certain amount of watering, fertilizing, and sunlight, along with humidity and temperature controls. Living walls also have certain indoor requirements to look at their best. On the other hand, artificial green walls have no such special requirements. 

Incredibly Lifelike

The look of artificial greenery has evolved over the years. Modern artificial green walls are not plastic-like but feature incredibly realistic foliage that mimics its real counterpart. In fact, some artificial greenery looks so realistic that you will be hard-pressed to find the difference between the real and faux. Artificial green walls are now crafted from premium quality material, with lifelike color and detailed foliage. 


Living walls are known for their looks and will spruce up a bland interior space. They can also bring functionality to your design. Want something to act as a boundary or want to conceal flawed or damaged walls? Want a natural-looking hedge or privacy screen? Want to reduce sound in your space or direct traffic in the setting using a soft barrier? Artificial green walls are the perfect solution. 

Noise Control

Artificial green walls can help if your commercial space suffers from challenging acoustics. The hard surfaces in buildings create echoes, which in turn creates distracting acoustics. This is a big problem for business spaces that can result in low productivity, morale, and even affect employees’ emotional well-being. Plant leaves are known to reflect and absorb sound. The more greenery you have on the walls, the more the sound will be muffled. Artificial green walls combine pleasing aesthetics with sound absorption, creating that calming environment that you desire. 


Modern day artificial greenery is built to last. These decorative accents are made from premium quality material, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. Good quality faux green walls manufactured and installed by reputable companies can be used for either indoor or outdoor use. Our outdoor foliage is crafted to withstand changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. We create our outdoor foliage by incorporating innovative technology which makes them inherently UV and fade resistant – perfect for that outdoor space. So, whether it is harsh sun, wind, water, or snow, you won’t have to worry about color loss from these elements. No matter what the season, artificial green walls will bring year-round color and interest to your space.

Fire-Safe Space

Faux greenery also comes with the option of being fire-resistant. We offer foliage that is blended with fire retardant chemicals making them flame retardant and suitable for use indoors or outdoors without compromising safety. Fire-retardant foliage meets local, national, and international fire standards, so rest assured that our artificial green walls will not contribute to a fire outbreak. 

Unlimited Options

The best part about artificial green walls is that they come in a variety of options ready to be displayed. Real living walls require you to wait several weeks before the plants begin to flourish. Faux green walls are ready to make a statement from day one. Also, you can choose any foliage, any grass, any flower and plant variety, or a combination of many on the wall. Want to pair your favorite flowers along with fern, succulents, boxwood, ivy, and others? Can be easily done. With real living walls, the options get extremely limited as they need favorable conditions to flourish. Artificial living walls offer unlimited options.