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15 Essential Entryway Decor Tips for Homeowners

We’re all familiar with the famous quote “the first impression is the last impression.” First impressions do hold a lot of weight when it comes to your house too. And your home is an image of you.

So get that entrance looking beautiful for all your guests to give a positive impression about your house and for all the passersby to turn and give another glance at your door!

1. Clean up

It’s a very basic and easy step. But it will bring out wonders. Just clean whatever marks are there on the walls and the dust sitting on that shoe rack.

Your entryway will start looking a lot more organized once the cleanup is done.

2. Organize

Organization plays a crucial role in the overall presentation of anything. An organized entryway will give the impression of a well-maintained entrance.

So set all those shoes in the shoe rack. Get a stand for the bicycle and get rid of any extra stuff that may no longer be in regular use.

3. Door

Your door is one of the biggest key elements of your entryway. You may want to consider changing the door if you live in a flat. A new door is most likely to bring in an entire vibe to your house and even to the corridor of your apartment.

4. Rally of art

It’s time to get all the local paintings you liked to get home. Print and frame all your favorite paintings and hang them one after the other on the aisle to your house. Paint the walls with a light color and let your pieces shine!

5. Go wild

You may need it any way you like but what we mean by this is to introduce a bit wilderness on your entry. Go green. Introduce artificial plants in your entryway. They are imitations of the real plants without the maintenance part. You may introduce fake tree branches on the walls or a couple of fake tree stumps. You can also place artificial cactus on that shoe rack. Or just get a big, beautiful fake cherry blossom statement tree. If you live in a villa or cottage, get fake trees leading to the entrance of the house.

You can also you for a fake grass carpet on the way to the door. The options are endless!

6. Statues

Place some bold, statement statues on the entrance. Convey your personality through your taste. You can get these statues in beautiful metallic textures such as copper, gold or oxidized silver. You can go for POP statues as for a Victorian look.

7. Hanging lights

Hang some lights, fairy lights, electric lamps on the entryway to your house. They will look pretty and aesthetic at night time. You may also coil these lights with fake flower plants to give English looks.

8. Flooring

If you have a porch, you may want to consider changing the flooring of the porch to give your entrance a much-awaited makeover. You can do the same for a flat.

9. Trencadis

In case you have a villa or an independent house, you can’t introduce a path leading to the house made of broken tiles. Don’t worry about the alignment. The beauty of trencadis lies in imperfection, literally! Introduce different patterned and colored tiles to bring out the best of your trencadis.

10. Birdhouse

Hang a big, beautiful birdhouse on one of the trees in your lawn. The birds will not only make the house look more natural but each morning to get to wake to beautiful melodies by nature. What a way to start the day!

11. The classic entryway

Just paint all the base as white. The walls. The door everything, all white. Then detail it with hanging wooden frames and adding greens here and there. Add a grass halo on the door and place plants with white spots around the door.

12. The vintage entryway

Bring on your retro love with a vintage entryway. Change the flooring to a chessboard tiled one and add a wooden old styled coat hanger on the way. You may also add a candle chandelier on the hallway to complete your vintage look.

13. Pet house

For all of the pet lovers out there, this is your chance to get some pets in the name of décor! Introduce ducks or rabbits on your front lawn to give it a pet-friendly vibe. All natural, all beautiful, and lots of love from your pets, in return.

However, make sure you’re ready to take the responsibility as pets are not décor material but real lives.

14. The big mirror

Put on a big round or oval mirror on your entryway right above a minimalistic wooden table on your entryway. This gives an old era vibe and your guests would love to catch a glimpse of themselves, wouldn’t they? This table serves perfectly to keep your keys and other small stuff. On the table, you can keep a soft runner hanging half on and half off of it to give it a warm look.

15. The elicit entryway

Put on a beautiful Persian carpet on your entryway. Paint the door pink! With all the mix and matching, people are definitely going to notice your hallway in a different light.

Whatever you do just make sure you are having fun doing it and most importantly loving the upcoming look of your entryway. Keep finding new or old, cheap or costly stuff that you would like to be placed on your entryway. After all, the most important person to be liking the entryway is you yourself. Put your entryway such that every time you walk in, you fall in love with your house all over again. With the wide range of styles and decors available in the market, you may as well discover a new hobby, home décor!