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If you’re blessed with a black thumb and are confident of your skills to kill even a succulent, then artificial plants are perfect for you. And let us assure you that you’re not alone. Even those with a green thumb are opting for artificial plants because of their incredible appeal and maintenance-free aspect. From apartment dwellers to condo owners, office spaces to homeowners, people are turning to faux plants to bring a touch of natural color along with a soothing feel to their design scheme. Over the years, artificial plants have become highly realistic and with thousands of varieties to choose from, you will find one (or many) that are ideal for your personality, room, and design style.

From flower plants to succulents, hanging plants to tall plants, desktop plants to bonsai plants, here are the best artificial plants for 2021 that will make your space much more exciting and livelier.

1. Outdoor Sword Fern Column Plants

Sword Fern plants are some of the most ornamental plants around featuring rich green, sword-shaped arching fronds. Whether you’re looking for greenery that will anchor your space or you’re searching for something that will make for a fun and refreshing addition to the setting, opt for these Outdoor Sword Fern Column Plants without any second thoughts. They bring year-round interest and appeal to your space no matter how harsh the weather conditions are.

2. Saguaro Cactus

A tree-like cactus species native to Southwestern US and Mexico, Saguaro Cactus is a very unusual yet captivating plant of the desert. Large, columnar cacti with dramatic ‘arms’ or branches, Saguaro Cactus makes for an intriguing addition to any space. If you’re creating a desert theme in your space or just want an eye-catching, whimsical big artificial plants in your landscape, then this Indoor Saguaro Cactus comes highly recommended.

3. Prickly Pear Cactus Plant

Incredibly attractive oval-shaped cactus with energetic, flat green foliage, Prickly Pear Cactus Plants are never short on drama. Surprise-inducing, unique elements that will never fail to catch the eye, these cactus plants make a lofty impression in any landscape or interior design. From using them as a focal point to placing them in an empty corner or as a backdrop, you can always count on these Prickly Pear Cactus Plants to make a wonderful statement.

4. Blue Agave Plant

There are plants and then there are Blue Agave Plants. Some of the most stunning plants around, these elements are full of drama and richness. Consisting of striking burgundy-colored foliage, these indoor plants are highly eye-catching and will inject loads of energy and personality in any setting. If you’re searching for a bold plant with a sense of whimsy and character, then look no further than this Blue Agave Plant.

5. Variegated Sansevieria Plants

If you’re searching for plants that will spark life in the most bland and average spaces, then look no further than these Indoor Variegated Sansevieria Plants. Featuring beautiful, tall, and upright leaves in green and yellow tones, these plants are known to add a delightful character to any design scheme. Also known as Snake plants and Mother in Law’s Tongue plants, they will define the setting wherever you place them.

6. Mondo Grass Plant

Grass plants often work well for compact spaces or for areas where a minimal look is desired. And this is exactly what Mondo Grass Plants are all about. With their striking tan/brown grass strands, these grass plants bring a breezy look to any setting. The wispy grasses of this Indoor Mondo Grass Plant emerge upwards and then beautifully arch outwards like a mountain making it more of a natural art piece than a decorative plant. They’re absolutely delightful specimens.

7. Outdoor Eucalyptus Bush

Chic, attractive, and simply spectacular, these Outdoor Eucalyptus Bushes ensure you a spectacular design scheme or landscape. With a mesmerizing mix of burgundy-green small leaves, these outdoor bushes will add year-round attractive color and appeal to the setting. An excellent choice if you’re looking to add more details, charm, and excitement to your space, Outdoor Eucalyptus Bushes will be a standout addition.

8. Ribbon Grass Hanging Plants

If you’re on the lookout for something more charming and exquisite, then Ribbon Grass Hanging plants might be a good option for your space. Traditional and eye-catching, there is something incredibly heart-warming about fake hanging plants that give any design scheme an irresistible appeal. With a delightful mix of burgundy and light green leaves, these Ribbon Grass Hanging Baskets will bring an old-school charm and prettiness to the setting.

9. Outdoor English Ivy Hanging Baskets

This English Ivy Hanging Basket for outdoor use is absolutely iconic. Featuring lush-green, dense foliage cascading downwards, these hanging baskets bring such a serene look and joyous vibe to the setting. Accents that boast of an irresistible visual appeal and soothing feel, these Outdoor English Ivy Hanging Baskets are truly adorable and make a stunning statement in any property.

10. Giant Agave Plant

Want to bring a warm, tropical vibe to your commercial space? Opt for these Indoor Giant Agave Plants. Practical and highly interesting elements that will bring plenty of vibrancy and visual interest to any setting, these plants will take the space to the next level. Accents that will introduce a clean, polished look to your space, these Giant Agave Plants will inject so much enthusiasm in the setting and will lift spirits.

11. Outdoor Pink Bromeliad Plant

You can always rely on these Outdoor Pink Bromeliad Plants to make your outdoor space a happy, picturesque one. With their beautiful foliage and pleasing pink flowers, these flowering plants can instantly light up any space. The airy grass strands, the showy flowers, and the overall joyous vibe of these Pink Bromeliad Plants are a joy to behold. They will bring so much life and elegance to your commercial space.

12. Croton Plant

If you’re considering adding plenty of style and vibrancy to your design scheme, then this artificial Croton Plant comes highly recommended. Featuring an absolutely stunning mix of pink-green leaves, these are incredibly ornamental plants that will take any landscape to the next level. Plants that will stand out in any space and draw the eye, these Crotons are known to set a perfect energetic tone in any space.

13. Silver Queen Plant

One of the most attractive and fun plants around, Silver Queen Plants make for a highly exciting addition in any space. Consisting of long, narrow silver-green leaves, these plants have a spectacular look that can enhance any setting. Elements that will bring a stylish edge and a delightful pristine look to your space, these artificial Silver Queen Plants will absolutely light up the setting.

14. Areca Palm Plant

Eye-catching, refreshing and stately, there are few plants that can match the elegance and appeal of Areca Palm Plants. From introducing a breezy, tropical feel to the setting of making it more pleasant and graceful, these lovely palm plants can do it all. An excellent choice if you’re planning to create a soothing, calm design scheme, these artificial plants will be the most special elements in the setting.

15. Outdoor Bird of Paradise Plant

Want to weave some fresh magic in your landscape and boost curb appeal? Look no further than this Outdoor Bird of Paradise Plant. Striking, refreshing elements that showcase a tropical crown of seven leaves, these are some of the coolest plants around that will inject great personality into your space. Plants that will attract attention in any design scheme, these artificial Bird of Paradise Plants will absolutely rejuvenate the setting.

16. Agave Succulent

When it comes to adding plenty of character and a sense of whimsy to the setting, succulents are golden. They bring so much excitement and bold appeal to the landscape. And that’s what is missing from your space, then opt for this artificial Agave Succulent without any second thoughts. Lovely, shapely dark green leaves that will bring great interest to space, these Agave Succulent Plants will give you a distinct setting.

17. Forest Fern

If your goal is to create a cool, calm retreat in your commercial property, then this artificial Forest Fern Plant should definitely feature in it. Known for their distinct, rich, shiny leaves, these plants will instantly take your space from blah to beautiful. Elements with a joyous vibe and breezy appeal, these Forest Fern Plants are some of the most intriguing accents and will add great value to your space.

18. Eucalyptus and Sedum Plant

Cool, chic plants can make space go from meh to magical in no time. And this is exactly what you can expect from our artificial Eucalyptus and Sedum Plant. With a gorgeous mix of pink-green foliage, this plant is extremely stylish and will make your design scheme more interesting and cooler. A great way to make your design scheme more enjoyable, these Eucalyptus and Sedum Plants will bring a timeless appeal to the setting.

19. Bougainvillea Plant

The epitome of energy and zest, this artificial Bougainvillea Plant is a breath-taking masterpiece. Featuring charming red flowers and lush green leaves, this artificial flowering plant makes a lofty impression in any setting. One of the most welcoming and exquisite flowering plants around, this Bougainvillea Plant is absolutely magical and will turn even the most mundane corner into a vibrant area.

20. Split Leaf Philodendron

One of the most popular plants on social media and among millennials, Split Leaf Philodendron makes for a captivating addition to any space. Incredibly eye-catching ornamental plants with big dark green leaves and attractive perforations, these plants make a big impact in any setting. Highly picturesque, chic elements that will bring a whole lot of personality and flair to space, these artificial Split Leaf Philodendron Plants are simply exquisite.

21. Schefflera Plants

One of the most refreshing and graceful plants you’ll come across, Schefflera Plants are known for their liveliness and inviting vibe. From the reception area to the entrance space, you can place them anywhere you want to welcome your customers in style. The easiest way to create a special and engaging design scheme without any fuss, these artificial Schefflera Plants have a real staying power and will give you a timeless display.

22. Peace Lily Plant

One of the most popular houseplants, Peace Lily Plants are known for their ability to bring a cool, cozy look in any setting. Tropical elements that will bring a calm and soothing feel to the design scheme, these plants will ensure you a highly restful setting without any hassles. Plants that will elevate the look and feel of your space in no time, these artificial Peace Lily Plants are fun and highly decorative elements.

23. Arrowhead Vine Plant

Want to create a room that is brimming with fun and excitement? Bring in these lovely artificial Arrowhead Vine Plants in the setting. Plants with leaves resembling arrowheads, these elements can make any room livelier and better with their presence. They can enhance any setting in no time. So, go ahead and create a relaxing, rejuvenating haven with the help of these mesmerizing Arrowhead Vine Plants.