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8 Exciting Ways Startups Make Their Offices Cool and Trendy

Startups are taking over like never before. And to compete with other major brands, these companies have to think and act creatively in all aspects. One such major area is the office decor.

But even if you are not a biggie, you can foster a certain vibe and inspire your team with creative, well-designed space. And all these can be done well within your budget.

Here Are 8 Exciting Ways to Make Your Startup Office Look Cool and Trendy:

1. The Design of Your Office Should Be a Reflection of Your Company and Help to Cultivate Your Culture and Identity

Walking into the office, the customer should never feel out of place. You don’t want to walk into a restaurant and see a reception that reminds you of a hospital. Brand your office with your logo and choose colors that compliment your corporate visual identity.

This also applies to the employees, who would feel more connected and committed to the work they are doing. The reception area should make a great first impression and speak to the style of your brand.

2. The Environment Should Be Inspiring and Professional, Yet Laid Back for Its Employees

Employees are the greatest assets of any startup. Be it a duo or a team of 100+ members with the same vision, trying hard to mark their footprint on the corporate ladder. You and your employees are going to be spending a lot of time in your office during the crucial early stages of your business, so the office decoration should foster creativity and make it feel comfortable.

Observe how your employees work and how the different areas of the office are used. Pay attention to how people work or want to work. You can add couches, café tables with chairs, standing desks or beanbags in the common workspaces. In addition to these, there should be distraction-free zones in the office, like small rooms for solo or group work.

3. Keep It Simple, Minimal and Clean

A clean workspace adds to the productivity of the team member. This is also true in terms of office space. Gone are the days of boxed-in cube offices, with tons of paperwork and loud phone conversations in the middle of the floor. Enjoying the environment, you spend most of your time can transform your working life and boost your motivation and productivity. A toxic work environment does the opposite.

4. Open, Airy, Light-Filled Space

A startup’s workspace needs can change drastically in a short period of time. A rapidly expanding company needs a flexible office with room for growth, and open spaces are an excellent choice for this. Airy spaces with lots of bright colors tend to pull in positive vibes, which plays a significant role in the employee’s energies.

Design your office in such a way that, there is sunlight inside the office during the day. Natural light also plays a significant role in melatonin levels which affects how focused and awake you feel.

5. Collaborative, but Also Mindful of Individual Needs

A great modern office design should create a collaborative work environment with a feeling of transparency and inclusion. Employees should enjoy their workspace but not so much, to create a nuisance for others. The team should be able to play a game to chill out during the day, but if someone has to take up a client call, they should have a quiet room to do so too.

If you’re looking for office design ideas, look no further than your own employees. Let your team help customize the space with art and objects of their choice, building morale and community in the process.

6. Bring in the Greenery

Plants and trees can help to add to the décor and also for fresh air for the employees. From desk plants to wall plants, the options are unlimited. Based on the availability of light or water, you can choose your best fit.

If for some reason, natural plants seem high maintenance, you could opt for artificial potted plants or artificial trees. To create energetic yet calm office interiors, add the beauty of artificial greens.

Artificial trees for commercial interior decor, such as fake palm trees bring exotic beauty to space and enhance the splendor of any commercial space effortlessly. One can choose the size of the trees according to the requirement and create interesting decor.

7. Wall Decors, Furniture

Many startups are using social media as their platform for marketing and business. And in doing so, they are always informed about the most trending news in their world. With such information, you can always decorate your office with the latest designs or accessorize them according to your needs.

With decorative wall decor, a creative look can be achieved, that was missing, by just using paint. Furniture speaks volumes about the choices we make to run this business. These might not be a direct impacting factor, but a latent one, which could stay in the customer’s memory for a long time. Invest time and money in all the decorations that could add value to your startup.

8. Add a Personal Touch

Let your employees know that you are willing to go above and beyond their expectations. You can add some personal touch to the office design, to make them feel welcome and more at ease, which can mean increased energy and efficiency.

You can stock up your kitchen, play music or create a space just for relaxation. Decorate with books, which can be borrowed and returned back any time. You could add a coffee bar or do a pet-friendly day occasionally.

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