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8 Ways to Jazz Up Your Spa With The Right Décor

Spa! The word itself sounds relaxing. A spa is a perfect escape from the world’s hullabaloo. It is the best way to shun the urbanite in you. A spa appointment is highly recommended every once in a while to attain a hale and healthy state of mind. There is a conspicuous increase in spa salons in the past few years owing to its health benefits and mind-rejuvenating powers. Make your spa the epitome of tranquility and serenity.

Embrace these 8 ways to jazz up your spa décor.

Natural all the way

Nay! One doesn’t need to travel far across in woodland and spend a fortune to feel one with nature. Let nature be your muse. Your spa should be a deviation from the concrete mess of this world. Aim for natural elements, tall planters for front doors will offer a good ingress to your spa. The natural stone wall will give just the right amount of flamboyance you need to make your spa look zesty. Also, braided hibiscus trees will add a floral touch to space. You can always rely on timber furnishings to make your place charming and let’s not forget it is modifiable.

Poised colors

Charm your spa with deep colors. Nothing can provide more solace than deep and warm color combinations. Mr. Freud, too, suggests you tone down your obvious urge of painting the walls bright. A palette of dark colors will make your spa a little shady and will have a calming effect on your (already) stressed out the brain. Mellow wood textures in furniture will help you create the cozy ambiance one yearns for.

Fresh Fragrance

A blooming jasmine plant will spark intrigue in your guests with its natural fragrance. All the efforts are in vain if your spa does not possess a soothing aroma. A classic blend of dark colors and a tantalizing fragrance is the key to create the perfect relaxing aura in your spa. Scented candles illuminate your spa with dim lights and also have a lingering scent. Just to make it a little muskier, potpourri would be a pleasant article and will also serve the purpose of ornamenting the vacant spaces.

Cozy Curtains

Oh, it’s definitely more than a privacy-offering, colorful fabric. Curtains are undoubtedly an important part of your décor. They will make your spa look artistically luring. If it’s a day spa, be wise while choosing your curtains; opt for the cool colors that allow a breezy siesta. Let the curtains be in congruence with the rest of the furnishings, walls, and theme of your spa in general. Layered curtains are in fashion as they welcome light and also allow a convenient ‘black out’ during those dozy massaged sessions.

Mushy Cushions

You wouldn’t want your spa to be twitchy and edgy. Cushions are a great way to warm your place and make it homelier. It offers a subtle geniality to your space. Soft and mushy cushions render tranquility and have a welcoming air to it making your space an instant comfort zone. Accessorize your spa with different shapes and sizes the cushions offer and you can also play with the variety of cushion covers.

A Right Tub

A spacious bathtub is just what you need to make your place a spa and not just an everyday “washroom-ey” space. Be absolutely sure to keep your tub cocooned from the rest of the place. This seclusion will give it a feel of an oasis, thus, making it more relaxing. You wouldn’t want to deprive your guests of the joy of a deluxe bath.

A capacious bathtub is not an everyday luxury for everyone. Investing in a Jacuzzi tub will definitely help the spa amplify its sphere. These specially made spa tubs add bubbles to the water giving a fairy-land touch to your spa.

Aesthetic Appeal

“Appeal their eyes and it will appeal to their heart”, they say. Your spa should be a treat to the eyes of your guests. Be it the color palette, the curtains, the wood textures; make it all as awe-inspiring as you can. There is no harm in adding little artifacts just for the sake of innovation. Having special shelves, some artsy sinks will surely jazz up your spa. Music is a significant aesthetic appeal you wouldn’t want to brush aside. Fill up the ambiance with soft music that goes well with your exotic massages.

Trim the Stores

It is a spa, and of course, you will have ample of things to store efficiently! We are talking about the stock you will constantly need. The cosmic proportions of shampoos, oils, towels, and what not! Breathe out, we have a way out. Transform your space into this ultra-resourceful place. Make the most of every space in your spa. Do not let your stores out on the display, trust us, it is a big turn-off.

Make your décor such that it allows you little cabinets which can also be used as furniture. Also, you can consider allotting a tiny portion of your spa for this purpose. Don’t let your shelves be crowded. Ensure that your spa is airy and not stifling because of all the crowded things.

Let’s accept the fact that designing a spa is no walk in the park. It needs a judicious aesthetic vision coupled with essential technical knowledge. The interiors are expected to be warming, welcoming, and yet possess the perfect architectural design which offers privacy and a perfect gateway for the guests. There is no harm in cranking it up a notch by adding the above-mentioned elements which will spruce up your spa along with the ecstatic massages you provide. The above tips will ensure that your guest will leave your spa yearning to be back for more.