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9 Irresistible Reasons That Make Artificial Plants A Classic Décor Element

There’s no denying that the touch of greenery adds instant brightness to any home. Unless you’re a gardening enthusiast with enough time on your hands, however, you’re unlikely to be able to maintain a herbaceous garden or multiple vases of flowers without them wilting after a while. Enter artificial plants, an easily available décor item that can be displayed anywhere, requires little maintenance and can be hard to tell apart from the real deal! Botanical purists may sneer, of course, saying that there’s no substitute for real flowers and plants. But to the busy householder who still wants an attractive home, faux foliage is a gift from décor heaven! Still skeptical? Read on to see exactly why you should opt for artificial plants and trees to brighten up your house.

They don’t require regular maintenance

No need to bother anymore about whether you watered the plants before leaving for work! Artificial plants require neither watering nor weeding and keep looking pretty even if you forget about them for days. All you require to do is wipe off any dust with a microfibre cloth from time to time, and you’ll have everlasting, fresh-looking greenery all year round. And best of all, there’s no risk of fungus, caterpillars, or other pests attacking your blooms. So go faux and enjoy all the beauty of flowers without the hard work!

They can be placed in any room

With real plants, you have to place them where they can get direct sunlight to flourish in – which means that several corners of your house get left out. Fake plants, however, are just as happy in darker rooms. So you can fill your bathrooms, attics, and even basements with fake plants and flowers – they’ll brighten up the room, and they’ll flourish gladly even without the sunlight!

They won’t trigger allergies

All of us know at least one person who sneezes violently and incessantly every time they’re near fresh flowers. If you or your household members have pollen allergies, therefore, fake plants and flowers are an ideal option for maintaining the same aesthetic feel without triggering an allergic reaction. It’s also a great option if you have younger children who are more sensitive to pollen.

They are ideal for chewing by pets

Well, not exactly. Your pups would probably rather chew on a bone than on a tasteless faux leaf. The good thing about these leaves, however, is that they contain none of the toxic compounds that could make your pet sick. Did you know that oleander leaves are highly poisonous? When you go for artificial versions, you can enjoy having oleander in your living room without worrying about your pup taking a bite at it.

They will last forever

There’s nothing quite as upsetting as walking into your drawing room and realizing that your coffee table vase is filled with drooping leaves and dead flowers. That faux hibiscus plant you kept near the sofa, though? It will stay fresh and blooming come hail, storm, or sleet. So go ahead and buy yourself some faux tulips, roses, dahlias, and anything else you fancy. You’ll never have an empty vase or a wilted arrangement again.

They’re available in season and out of season

Having a hankering for yellow chrysanthemums when they’re out of season? Go faux and you’ll never have to worry about seasons again. Lilies in December, violets in January, roses in February – there’s no need to play by nature’s rules anymore! So buy whatever your heart desires from your local artificial flower seller and have a house full of your favorite flowers all year round.

They are inexpensive

Granted, buying an artificial plant that looks exactly like its real counterpart can involve a sizeable investment. But have you ever stopped to wonder how much it costs to buy fresh flowers every week for months and even years? Instead, spend a little more now on a high-quality faux plant and never have to worry about replacements again. If your taste extends to the exotic, moreover, you’ll end up spending a fortune if you try to maintain real plants. Install some faux bamboo plants or split leaf philodendrons, however, and you can have the leafy bower of your dreams at a fraction of the maintenance costs. Go faux – your wallet will thank you.

They fit in anywhere

How often have you hesitated about placing a fresh bunch of roses atop the mantelpiece where they could drip all over that handmade lace cover your grandmother gave you? With artificial plants, you’ll never have to worry about stains or spots again. Fancy a jasmine plant in your living room? Feel like lining your corridors with azalea bushes? Go for artificial versions and turn your house into a flower garden – at zero risks to your walls and furniture.

They are hard to distinguish from real flowers

Of course, this depends largely on how much you invested in your plants. Cheap versions often end up looking just that – cheap and inauthentic. But top quality artificial trees and plants are visually identical to their organic twins. Worried that your guests may sniff your flowers and discover the truth? Many versions also come imbued with a delicate perfume. The best artificial versions have leaf-like textures too. So invest in the right faux plants, and have everyone wondering how you manage to keep such fresh flowers all through the year.

Waking up to a room full of blooming plants and nodding leaves is undoubtedly a pleasant prospect. And if you have the time to rearrange your flower vases every night, there’s nothing like it. Most of us, however, are busy people with a thousand household duties – and replacing drooping flowers with new ones each day isn’t always on our priority list. By opting for artificial plants and trees, we can experience the same pleasant feeling each morning without having to invest any further effort in it. So when you’re thinking about how to revamp your home décor, don’t think twice before buying some top-quality faux foliage – they will, quite literally, last you a lifetime.