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9 Must Haves That Make Your Living Room Look Luxurious

The living room is the most important room in the house. Anybody who comes to your home enters the living room first. Everybody spends some quality time in the living room. So, we need to take good care of the outlook of the living room. It is possible to make your living room look trendy and luxurious. There are some must-haves for the luxurious appeal.

Here are 9 must-haves that make your living room look luxurious:

Wall textures

Wall is like boundaries to any room. For a living room, it is important to make them look unique. They exhibit your taste and interests. Plain walls look dull and go unnoticed. Add some textures to your living room. There are professional painters who add suitable textures to walls. They help you maintain them.

You can either add different textures to the walls of the living room or texture only one wall of the living room. Texture all the four walls, they fill the living room. It brings a lively appeal. Sometimes, texturing all the walls will make your living room look messy. Then add texture only to one wall of the living room.

Large artificial trees

Artificial trees are best in filling the room and giving them a luxe and lush look. Large artificial trees fit any place. They are customizable. So, your room size doesn’t matter. If you are a minimalist, few large artificial trees are the best in turning your living room luxe.

Lengthy drapes

Drapes are important in creating a well-designed living room. Drapes are available in various lengths and breadths. Never go for short curtains. They look low quality and cheap. They will also give an incomplete appeal. They will ruin your efforts in making your living room look luxurious.

Before you bring in drapes to your windows or doors, measure them. Know the length of the drapes to add suitable ones to your living room. Let the drapes flow from the bar to the floor of the living room. Though they look simple, they help in making your living room look luxurious.

Silk Trees

The material silk itself gives a luxurious feel to anything it is on. Imagine what wonders silk trees can do to your living room? They have a shiny surface and a realistic feel. They are affordable and customized according to your living room requirements. Silk trees will never go unnoticed and will definitely add value to your living room.

Large-scale art piece

Art pieces are available in various sizes and prices. The prices depend on the size of the artwork and the quality of the paints used. The techniques and personalizing the paintings for the viewer or buyer also matters. It is good to cover some parts of the wall with artwork.

You can add pieces of artwork and create a large image or can buy a large-scale art piece. You can use an oversized painting too. They will help you add value to your living room. They make your living room look luxurious and lavish in style.

Artificial bonsai tree

Bonsai is a Japanese art of growing a large and tall tree in a small and restricted area. Artificial bonsai trees are very trendy in the décor industry. They are the cutest decors available and are worthy. Add them to your living room. They will make your living room look updated. Some stores sell artificial bonsai trees, but you can always try your hand in growing them. It will be a great experience for sure.

Metal touch

Metals are the best in making your place look luxurious. They have a shiny surface and hard in the material. They are cost-effective and adaptable. Whichever metal you use in your living room, they will never go unnoticed. Metals have a super shiny surface which is because they reflect light well. They help in brightening up the place. It makes the living room lively.

Use gold coated, or silver coated metal holders or containers in your living room. Let the living room have enough light. Gold and silver metals add luxe to anything or to any place. Objects like vases, holders, or containers can have gold or silver coating. This layer coating is an affordable technique. They fit all budgets. So, you must have them to make your living room look luxe.

Decorative tree branches

Try to add themes to your living room corners. In the corner or for one wall you can install a theme. To bring a natural atmosphere to the living room, create a wood theme to parts of the living room. Add decorative tree branches. They are artificial and have a surface which is suitable for any type of decoration. You can add a few colorful decors. Add artificial leaves or flowers to decorative tree branches. They are affordable and customizable.

Glass Lightings

Lightings are very important when creating a look for your living room. Install a suitable shade of light color to your place. Let the lights have a glass holder or a glass design touch to it. Glass will help the light to converge or diverge in the space. It is good always to diverge the light.

When the light diverges with the help of a glass, it will cover the large space of the living room. This will help you in saving light costs. Even if you already have a lighting system at home, add some glass designs to them. They will help you add more light and brightness to your living room.

During evenings light them. They create an enchanting atmosphere in your living room. Even the glass designs will sparkle and shine. They will definitely create a luxurious appeal to your living room.


Above are 9 must-haves that make your living room look luxurious. They are trendy and cost-effective. If you feel you cannot afford them in whole, there are alternatives to tool them. So, install all the must-haves to give your living room a mesmerizing makeover.