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faux Caladium Plant

Landscapes can seem pretty dull if green is the only color that dominates the entire decoration. A certain variation or some color contrast is what can make a landscape seem even better. So why not add the perfect colors to your grand landscaping efforts using an Artificial Caladium Plant. Though small in size, these plants can really highlight specific sections of the landscape, making them perfect to be used in entranceways and exits in large malls, hotels, and theatres. Also, they make an ideal addition to the exterior landscapes and gardens with their vibrant colors.

The Wild tropical plant

Known by many names such as Elephant ear, Heart of Jesus, Angel Wings, and so on, this tropical plant sure has a reputation for attracting attention. The reason the plant is quite popular is due to its enormous heart-shaped leaves that have various intricate color designs in them. Usually found in the regions and Brazil and Central America, the Artificial Caladium Plant will sure add a touch of exoticness to your landscape. Also, with the leaves of the replica exactly imitating the colors of the original plant, you visitors will have a hard time recognizing its faux nature.

A Perfect Replica

The colors of the replica leaves are a dark green blend with white and red decorations in the center. The total size of the Artificial Caladium Plant can be either 23 inches or 28 inches based on the requirement. Also, the plant can be custom ordered to suit your unique size requirements as well. The stem and the branches of the plant are made from high-quality real wood that will look brilliant on both interior and exterior displays. The plant has been carefully manufactured to the exact specifications of the real plant that it will even put the skills of actual botanists to test.

A safe and inexpensive alternative

The material used for the design of the leaves of the Artificial Caladium Plant is high-quality pure silk, that has the natural characteristics of original leaves providing both natural texture and stiffness to the replica. Also, the silk material is fire retardant which makes it perfectly safe for indoor use in large spaces like hotel receptions halls, mall entranceways, exhibitions, and so on. And the product does not have any organic material or soil that gives off odors or attracts insects. So these can be safely placed in any environment and even on office workspaces.

Decoration Ideas

The Artificial Caladium plant can be used in a number of ways for decorating large landscapes. They can be

  • Placed in entrances and doorways indicating your visitors of exits
  • Placed near textured walls or reception halls to provide a color contrast
  • Bedded around major attraction in malls and exhibitions
  • Lined along pathways in exterior landscapes and gardens
  • Placed near windows of restaurants and multistory hotels


So essentially with the natural look that the Artificial Caladium Plant provides, you can literally design your very own tropical landscape and use them for infinite decoration options for half the price and absolutely zero maintenance. So go on, add the color of the tropics to your hotels and restaurants today.