spruce tree commercial landscaping

To rejuvenate the surroundings with the flavor of winter, your landscape needs certain motifs which represent this season. This is of utmost importance, especially in a hotel, or a corporate building, to ease up the atmosphere. In order to make the best of modern landscaping, Norway spruce tree are ideal for sculpting an environment which exudes the vibes of the winter season. Winter comes with the spirit of Christmas, and this faux plant truly helps in creating a fitting impression.

Blue Spruce Artificial Tree

Artificial Blue Spruce trees are manufactured for artificial landscapes and are used by themeing and scenic fabricators for interior habitats. Used in commercial projects around the globe, our artificial Blue Spruce trees are crafted with fake foliage and natural wood stems. Our Blue Spruce comes in many sizes and is handcrafted using natural wood trunks. An artificial Spruce tree offers a unique, slim appearance, as you won't find the same quality on another Spruce tree. Because a fake Blue Spruce is very slim, it can be used to accentuate verticle spaces while leaving floor space to move around in. Thus, The artificial trees would even work in hallways or office corners.

The Forever Captivating Look of the Artificial Norway Spruce Tree

SpruceNorway SPN1X0 L

For enhancing the interior landscape of your commercial building and to fine-tune it to the wintry festive ambiances, the Norway Spruce tree is a worthy-pick. This European tree is very well known for its highly dense branches; hence, its replica showcases lifelike design to portray the same. A lot of detailing goes into these artificial Spruce trees to create a beautiful environment within the nestled buildings. What adds the authentic look of these artificial Norway Spruce trees is their branches with closely packed needle-like leaves gently going in several directions to create an illusion of bigger and fuller archetypal Christmas trees. This artificial plant is composed of branches made of wood with needles placed in an alternate pattern. Moss green colored needles are embedded at regular intervals on the slender, petite branches, and the stems have a light brown or light greenish tinge to symbolize new growth in these faux Norway Spruce trees.

Benefits of This Faux Plant

Spruce Coloradobush L

Be it in the hotel, or a corporate set up or casinos or hospitals, it is absolutely necessary to make the interior landscape meet the requirements of the season, and what better way to do that than introducing these bejeweled faux trees. The built-in wires connect to the lighting arrangements and a single plug and are just enough to celebrate the festive spirit of the season with vibrant illumination.

Making the Most of Your Lifelike Artificial Spruce Tree

  • Decoration: The branches are designed for you to be able to hang multiple ornaments. These branches are very sturdy and can withstand any decoration starting from starry lights, glass balls to strings of lights

  • Maintenance: To give them their lifelike appearance all you need to do is separate all the tips of the branches and make sure these branches come out from the center at an angle giving the plant a fuller look. Angle the tips as far away from the branches as possible in a sideways out fashion.

  • Storage: To preserve their realistic look intact for years to come, just make sure not to compress the branches while packing them for storage, and you’re good to go.

Spruce trees grow tall and narrow, and if you purchase an artificial Blue Spruce crafted by Commercial Silk Int'l, you will see it is authentic replication of an amazing Pine tree. Our project team can customize the design of your project's specified artificial Fir trees and can install the entire project with our specialized equipment. In addition to large Spruce trees, we also manufacture many other varieties of spruce bush. We have themed several Northwoods artificial landscapes and offer several other large tree varieties if you want to create a very distinct indoor landscape. Customize your indoor landscape with a Blue Spruce tree by calling us toll-free at 1-800-241-2718. Request an artificial tree catalog, at no charge.