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aspen trees

Large interiors of commercial spaces like Hotels and Malls can look out-of-place if the landscaping hasn’t been done correctly. So why not brighten up the interiors with a professionally crafted Artificial Aspen Tree? Not only are these landscape decorations cost-effective but can also be used for decorations both on the interiors and exteriors of the commercial space. Also, they serve as a brilliant addition to any theme which might already be present in your Restaurant or Casino and provide a color contrast to your fully green landscape theme as well.

The Magic of Yellow

Aspen trees are well known for their vibrant shades of yellow and pink which cast beautiful sceneries on the horizon during the fall season. And with these fake Aspen trees, you will be able to accurately recreate those picturesque sceneries inside your very own malls and corporate offices. Also, the brilliant tear-shaped yellow foliage of these deciduous specimens ensures to add a sense of uniqueness to your landscape as well. Crafted with maximum attention to detail, the replicas capture every single intricate detail of the original specimen right from the color, texture to even the detailing of the branches, ensuring that your visitors never get the feeling that they are admiring a faux tree.

Tailor-Made to Suit Your Taste

In order to cope with the requirements of large commercial spaces such as facades of large hotels, Hallways, and entrances of malls, faux outdoor recreation landscapes of Theme parks and Golf clubs, the Artificial Aspen trees are made in all sizes as per requirement. Right from the smallest 2-foot potted trees that can sit well on restaurant tables and conference tables, to life-sized 24-foot replicas, the product can be tailor-made to any size. The smaller ones come with a decorative planter enabling you to display them on the interiors, whereas the larger ones come with a concrete base potter that can be planted anywhere as required.

Recreate Your Very Own Aspen Grove

The decorative options provided by the Artificial Aspen trees are limited only by the creativity of the user. But here are some innovative decorative options that work well with these deciduous replicas.

1. They can be used to recreate an Aspen grove right in the backyard of your Hotel or in your theme park.

2. They can be placed on corners of large building such as malls and reception halls of hotels to hide the empty spaces of the building.

3. They can be placed at the center of busy shopping malls, encircled with benches to provide a unique resting point for your visitors.

4. They can be lined across the façade of government offices to provide a faux green touch to the building.

The Artificial Aspen tree, despite its numerous uses, is also entirely safe for use. As the tree leaves are made from high-quality silk materials that are both flame retardant and inorganic, the artificial trees are entirely safe for indoor usage. Their color fade-resistant properties also make them ideal for outdoor landscaping as well.


So in conclusion, the Artificial Aspens not only recreate the magic of the fall season right inside your commercial buildings but also serve as a brilliant investment that ensures returns. Also, with their bright yellow foliage and unique conical shape, they assure to brighten up and beautify your landscape. These are guaranteed to win your visitors over with their charms.