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Csilk artificial plants and trees

Artificial Outdoor Landscaping

Plants and trees bring so much joy and calm to any space. They’re highly essential for commercial spaces which are getting busier and more stressful each passing day. From offices to shopping malls, universities to hotels, restaurants to airports, every commercial space is marked by chaos. You need to bring in elements that bring a soothing feel to the setting. And what better than plants and trees to do so? But here’s a caveat – Greenery requires a lot of ongoing maintenance and resources which are quite precious if you’re a business space. Watering, fertilizing, pruning, the list goes on and on. Plus you need a dedicated team to do so. And not-to-forget the downtime your business has to face in case of major maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Using Artificial Outdoor Trees and Plants for Commercial Gardening

There are countless businesses who opted for real greenery but the maintenance efforts and costs left them with a sour taste. On the other hand, artificial outdoor landscaping customers have been enjoying great views and charm season after season without any hassles. It is this convenience and numerous other benefits of using artificial trees and plants which make them such a big favorite among businesses. Here are some of the benefits of artificial trees and plants for commercial spaces –

Clean, serene look

If you’re a customer-facing business such as a restaurant, retail store, office, etc, and get frequent visits from people, it is imperative that your outdoor space makes a statement. After all, first impressions are everything and you need to make a glorious first impression on everyone. A dull, lifeless space without half-dead plants won’t do that. On the other hand, having artificial outdoor plants and trees which always radiate will greet clients and customers in the perfect way. A pristine, green outdoor landscape will catch the eye and engage their senses no matter how harsh weather conditions are. That’s what faux greenery brings to any setting. A refreshing and lovely vibe which makes a wonderful impression on everyone.

No Maintenance

As mentioned before, artificial gardening featuring faux plants and trees requires very little to no maintenance. They eliminate the need for pruning, using pesticides or fertilizers, watering, etc, which saves both time and resources. To sum it up – artificial outdoor plants and trees make use of our innovative PermaLeaf® technology which makes them inherently fade resistant. This means that you can use these accents outdoors without worrying about color loss from harsh sun, wind, water, or snow. They require minimal effort to keep them going and maintain their aesthetics.


The best part about outdoor artificial plants and trees is their cost-effectiveness is in the long run and the fact that they can be replaced easily. We have outdoor artificial plants at wholesale rates which will ensure that you have a striking space without any extensive costs. Furthermore, these plants and trees can be easily removed if you get bored of them over time or you need to change the look and feel of your landscape. Whether you’re looking to bring in some exotic flowers or trees for a special event or want to create a look which is in sync with the changing seasons, these accents can be installed or removed easily.

Complies with Fire codes

At Commercial Silk, we have a wide collection of fire-resistant artificial plants and trees. The foliage is blended with fire retardant chemicals which make them flame retardant and will ensure that fire does not spread via them in case of an outbreak. We have some of the safest artificial outdoor foliage in the market which meets local, national and international fire codes. Hence, you can get an absolutely serene, beautiful landscape design which is also a safe one. Win-win.

No need for apt soil or weather conditions or Geographically independent

Artificial outdoor trees and flowers do not require apt soil conditions or climate conditions to sustain. Want the beauty of the Southwestern desert cactus in your office space? You can have that without any special requirements. Want to bring in some of the most exotic Orchid flowering plants in your landscape design? Easy-peasy. You can have your favorite plants and flowers around you throughout the year with our collection.

Environmental Friendly

In a way, faux green plants and trees is an environment-friendly way when it comes to landscaping. They do not require water, so they’re perfect for drought-ridden areas and do not put unnecessary stress on the existing water problems. They also eliminate the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides which are really bad for the soil and ecosystem in the long run.

No Weed Problem 

Artificial gardening projects by Commercial Silk ensures that you don’t have weed problems. If you’re opting for artificial turf or other theme design, our team will use a weed barrier during the installation process which will prevent the weed from growing through the landscape design.

Resists Wear and Tear from Foot Traffic 

Whether you opt for a moss ground cover or fake grass, you are assured of a beautiful, green cover till times to come. These solutions are sturdy, high quality, heavy-duty which can withstand heavy foot traffic. As compared to real moss or grass cover, you won’t get bare spots after a lot of walking over.

Where to buy artificial plants and trees near you?

There are just so many benefits of installing artificial outdoor plants and trees in any commercial space. They add so much value and excitement to any space. If you’re all set to bring some in your landscaping project, then have a look at our collection of wholesale artificial trees and plants. These are some of the most realistic, lively, and lovely elements in the market which will take your design to the next level. And if you’re working on a special theme or project, then we can even create custom outdoor plants and trees exclusively for your space. From outdoor landscapes to indoor designs, we have faux plants and trees which will make a big statement in your setting.