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Bringing Nature into Interior Design

Over the last few years, interior design that is good for the environment, as well as the people who live in it, has taken center stage. These spaces are designed to improve health, wellness, comfort, and the overall style of the setting. They consider the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the people who live in them. Nature is a big part of creating such interior designs. 

For centuries, humans have been attracted to natural elements because of their ability to bring calm, organic appeal, serenity, and a welcoming feel into space. The idea of biophilia that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature has already established the genetic relationship humans have with nature. And bringing nature into interior design is something that is likely to increase in the coming years given their positive impact on health and healing. Nature is not just limited to plants but other elements including water, natural light, wood, stone, and more. 

If you are looking to bring nature into your interior design, here are a few easy ways in which you can do so. 

Plants – The most obvious and easiest way to bring nature into your interior design is by introducing plants in it. Introducing plants into a built environment is an element of biophilic design and helps in promoting wellness. From potted plants to fresh flowers, living walls to succulents, greenery will connect your space with nature. They are known to purify air, remove toxins from the space, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a happy and tranquil environment. 

Natural elements – As mentioned earlier, introducing natural materials such as marble, brick, bamboo, wood, cotton, stone, leather, cork, and more is part of the biophilic design process. These elements are known to reduce heart rates and increase productivity and well-being while bringing organic aesthetics and style to the setting. Choose natural materials that suit your design preferences and ensure that they have undergone little change from their natural state. Products that have been subject to heavy variations such as finishing, varnishes, pesticides, etc. have a less biophilic effect.

Patterns, Inscribes, and Prints – While bringing plants and natural elements bring nature physically in the interior design, you can also introduce nature in the form of patterns, inscribes, prints, and more. Patterns, prints, and inscribes that mimic the color and energy of the natural world can really bring the outdoors in. Fabrics, wallpapers, upholstery, columns, etc. that are adorned with birds, leaves, flowers will bring nature into your interior design in a fun and creative way.

Natural Light – Introducing plenty of natural light in the interior design is extremely important as it can help us feel more energized and is essential for mental health. The easiest way to go about this is by having large windows. You can also bring more light with the help of skylights or by installing Venetian blinds in light hues and translucent curtains that will let more light in. Yet another way to maximize natural light in the design is through the introduction of mirrors and glass accessories that help in reflecting outdoor light and create the illusion of more space and brightness.

Water feature – The sound of water is incredibly soothing and is known to reduce stress. A water feature in interior design can go a long way in masking disturbing noises emanating from telephones, photocopiers, paper shredders, and more. The sound of water has a restorative effect and will contribute towards creating a pleasant refuge.

Introducing nature into interior design is the key to living in harmony. It is really easy to do, it does not cost much, and we really thrive in such an environment.