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Flowering Bougainvillea In Silk Landscapes

Silk Bougainvillea is a Bougainvillea vine that is uniquely crafted after the live flowering Bougainvillea. The flowers get its name from Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a French Navy admiral who discovered the flowering Bougainvillea vine plant in Brazil in 1768. Bougainvillea is a genus of flowers native to the coasts of Brazil and other South American countries in the biome of the Amazon Rainforest. The live flowering vine is thorny and woody, and Bougainvillea ranges in height from 6 to 30 feet. Typically, it is a climbing vine; it gracefully climbs itself up walls and trellis, and it also makes colorful hedges, hanging baskets, bushes, even bonsai arrangements.

Landscape with artificial bougainvillea sometimes referred to as “paper flower,” the colorful petals of Bougainvillea are thin and papery to the touch. The flowering blossoms are made of small white flowers surrounded by three clusters of bright and colorful petals (bracts). Since Bougainvillea vines are rapid growing, they do flower all year in warm climates in vibrant bloom cycles of four to six weeks. Bougainvillea is virtually pest-free and disease resistant. Frequent fertilization and a light watering will keep the plant at its best. If overwatered, Bougainvillea refuses to flower and may lose leaves or wilt. It does, however, have a beautiful root system and needs to be planted a well-drained soil to prevent water retention contributing to root rot. The vine is a natural choice for planting in coastal regions, as it also has a high salt tolerance. A tropical or subtropical climate is preferred, and the vines cling while climbing other plants; it is reaching for sunlight.

Silk Bougainvillea, including flowering Bougainvillea bonsai, artificial vines and arrangements, faux garlands, and more artificial Bougainvillea plants manufactured by Commercial Silk, offer terrific color when used as understory vines with artificial palms or deciduous trees. Bonus: our silk Bougainvillea blooms year-round in every climate! Our silk flowering Bougainvillea vines are manufactured with flower colors of hot pink, orchid, tangerine, and yellow, and our artificial Bougainvillea requires minimal maintenance. Silk flower garlands, bonsai plants, garlands, and flowering Bougainvillea vines do not need watering. Artificial Bougainvillea arrangements need only an occasional dusting and don’t require sunlight, thus Bougainvillea is ideal for faux landscapes.