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Focal Point: An Important Element in Branding

When it comes to graphic design, interior design, or art forms, the focal point is clearly defined as the aspect which catches your eye. One of the most fundamental elements in any design, focal point is the point of emphasis which draws the attention first and the rest of the design is built around it. Focal point in branding is somewhat similar. Focal point in branding is the emotion that the consumer feels connecting to your brand. It is a known fact that people react better to the emotional aspects of an ad as compared to other parts such as text. And this is what focal point in branding is all about. It is the feelings, values, and emotions that consumers connect your product or service with.

Whether it is design or brand positioning, you cannot emphasize everything. If you manage to emphasize a lot of things, they will all compete with each other for attention and nothing will stand out. Highlight the feature or emotion that best describes your brand, and the rest can fade in the background. For instance, the focal point for Coca-Cola as a brand is always happiness. This is what consumers emotionally connect the product with. They always associate it with laughter, smiles, and positivity. The focal point for Nike as a brand is always leadership. Consumers associate the brand and its products with competitiveness, performance, and triumph. Focal point in branding exerts a force on what is around it.

In the above case, the two brands convey emotions through ads and other marketing campaigns by giving happiness and leadership more weight than other qualities. These two emotions exhibit emphasis and act as entry points into the brand. They get noticed first and set the context for the rest. These emotions act as focal points that are at the top of the hierarchy and emphasize the most important information – the brand promise.

Similar to the focal point in design, focal point in branding communicates and conveys value on behalf of your brand. Determining the focal point should come naturally and should not be left up to the viewer to guess. Simply put, the purpose of the focal point is to tell the viewer a story, what is more important, and to define the brand and what it does for the consumer. Over time, consumers align the values and emotions conveyed with the brand and connect with it.

Focal point in branding is the central, distinctive image that consumers associate the brand with, in their minds. As such you need to carve your own niche, stand out from the rest, and emphasize on the promise that your brand is unique.