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Ways to Protect Exterior Outdoor Artificial Plants and Trees

Outdoor artificial plants and trees work brilliantly when it comes to creating a year-round green and appealing landscape. No matter how harsh the weather conditions are, with outdoor faux plants and trees you are assured of a lively, refreshing outdoor landscape. And that too without the efforts required by real plants. Simply put, with outdoor artificial trees and plants you get the look of a well-maintained, healthy, allergy-free, and blossoming garden with absolutely no heavy upkeep. A no-brainer, isn’t it? 

Using Outdoor Artificial Trees in Landscape Design

A clean, flourishing outdoor landscape delivers a statement to the world. From ill maintenance to cold weather to lack of resources, there are myriad reasons for a lifeless outdoor space. And this is where creating a landscaping project exteriors using silk plants and trees makes sense. However, artificial foliage does not fare well when subject to sunlight. They tend to get dull and fade over time if exposed to harsh conditions without adequate protection. 

There are certain retailers that provide outdoor artificial trees UV protected for exterior use. At Commercial Silk, we have greenery that is crafted using our innovative technology which makes our plants and trees fade resistant. We have a collection of faux trees and plants which can be used outdoors without worrying about color loss due to harsh sun. These decorative artificial outdoor plants UV protected ensure that you have an evergreen, serene outdoor landscape season after season. So, before making the buying decision check with the seller if the foliage is fade-resistant. If not, then it is quite easy to protect your fake plants and trees from damaging UV rays by following a few simple tips. 

Ways to Protect Exterior Artificial Plants and Trees

Shield Them

The most common sense solution of protecting something is by effectively shielding them. So, if possible ensure that your artificial trees for outside are either in a shade or installed in a space where they aren’t subject to direct sunlight. You could also be more vigilant about weather conditions and shield them in case of incoming rains, snow, extreme winds, or hot days. Heavy rain forecast for tomorrow? Or a hot day in case of heatwave predicted for the next day? Shift the plants and trees you can interiors.

Proper Placement

This is in continuation with the above pointer. If you have large number of artificial trees and plants, then place them in areas where they aren’t subject to direct sunlight. Also, ensure that the space where they’re kept in offers them protection as well as great looks. Make sure that you don’t expose them to rapidly changing conditions as this will increase their chances of fading and will wear them down. 

Use UV Resistant Spray

Using UV resistant spray is an easy way to protect your plants from damaging UV rays. Search for a safe, clear UV blocking materials spray and follow the below steps on how to use it. Before using the spray on your artificial plants, double check with your plant provider of it is safe to do so. If yes, then here’s how to coat your faux plants – 

  • Clean your plants or trees thoroughly using a feather duster, soft-bristled paintbrush or a hair dryer. Dust each area, even the trickier ones, and remove all the grime and dirt which has settled. 
  • Wipe the plants and trees with damp cloth to remove marks and stains or stubborn dirt. You may use a mild cleaning solution or soap water to clean the foliage. Once you have covered all the areas of the plants, allow them to dry. 
  • Now to spray the UV resistant solution. Place your plants on a newspaper in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Arrange them in such a way that the UV resistant spray can easily be applied on all the parts. Now, use the solution as directed on the label. Keep the spray around 10-12 inches from the target surface and apply in sweeping motions. 
  • Once you’ve sprayed each and every centimeter of the foliage allow them to dry. Keep them in an open area for more than 6-8 hours or as indicated on the label. Flip the plants and apply on other sides in a similar manner. 

Fabric Protection Solutions

Fabric protectants are handy when it comes to adding a layer of durability and an added layer of protection to your fake plants and flowers. They offer a long-term solution and will keep your greenery safe till times to come. The mode of application of fabric protection solutions is safe as UV resistant one. Follow the above tips if you intend on using one. 

Buy your Favorite Outdoor Artificial Trees

At Commercial Silk you will find some of the most realistic and unique outdoor tree plants which will give you a pristine garden season after season. We have provided outside trees and plants for some of the biggest, most challenging, and unique greenery for projects across the country and the world and have created stunning landscapes. We also provide UV resistant or fade-resistant faux plants and trees which will give you a highly exciting space without any worries. And what more? We can even customize them according to your garden or project needs. So, go ahead and plan your most exquisite landscape designs and we’ll help them come to life.