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How to use Preserved Moss for Branding and Signage

There is something extremely charming about Moss when used within interior designs. With its velvety texture, pleasing green hue, and calming vibe, Moss can inject life and comfort into any setting. With the widespread adoption of Preserved Moss, it is very easy to create artsy Moss elements and turn any lifeless space into a thriving and beautiful experience. One popular way of using Preserved Moss is for branding and signage – a great way to make your corporate identity more prominent and fun. The best part about it is that such displays stand out amongst the crowd and do not require any maintenance whatsoever. 

There are several ways in which you can create Preserved Moss branding installations – it all depends on your creativity and budget. Here are a few ways in which you can use Preserved Moss for branding and signage in your commercial setting. 

Logo on Moss Frame

An easy way to use Preserved Moss for branding and signage is to create a frame or backdrop using Preserved Moss. Usually, a mix of flat moss and bun moss is used for this purpose. The logo is then fixed on projecting rods to give it depth, and help it literally stand out against the backdrop. The overall setup gives a gorgeous stage for your company logo. 

Moss Letters

In this case, moss letters are created using Preserved Moss which can be easily attached to any substrate. These letters have a vibrant pop of color and hold their own against any backdrop from stone to wood to simple painted walls, creating a simple yet elegant display. 

Moss Logos

Similar to Moss letters, Moss logos make use of Preserved Moss and make for a highly sophisticated addition to the space. From Moss corporate displays to retail displays to brand logos, you can create any shape using Preserved Moss which makes for a highly stylish, special display.

Moss Signage

From quirky designs to fun characters, museum displays to maps, you can create any special signage using Preserved Moss and prep up your dull setting in an instant. Planning on creating some extravagant display or a simple, subtle shape or direction? Use Preserved Moss and it will light up your entire space.