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Green walls offer an excellent way to not just create an inviting environment for brands, but they go a long way in improving employee productivity and concentration levels and energy cost reduction. Apart from enhancing the look and feel of a property, living walls help in improving the air quality and make a striking statement in the space. In the last few years, there has been a shift in consumption choices where consumers are increasingly considering businesses who are committed to sustainability and there is no better way to show your commitment towards the environment and its well-being than a living wall. Living walls aren’t just purveyors of good health for your employees, but they position you as a brand that is committed towards protecting the planet. 

Living walls are known to create invigorating work environments, focused learning environments, relaxing retail environments, healing hospital spaces, and soothing, luxurious hotels and resorts. However, one of the main measurable benefits of green walls is that they can provide energy savings and environmental benefits. Interior and exterior living walls are known for the process of ‘evapotranspiration’, wherein water evaporates from plant leaves through transpiration and helps in cooling the air in the warmer summer months. 

Evapotranspiration helps in cooling the air in much the same way as our skin cools the body through the process of sweating. Green backdrop wall contribute towards the reduction of air temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Celsius. Strategically installed, well-designed green walls can effectively reduce the solar heat absorbed by buildings and can reduce cooling costs by 30 percent. 

When it comes to cooler winter months, living walls help in building insulation which helps in reducing the energy costs required for heating the building. By cooling the air in summers and insulating the space in winters, green walls drastically reduce the energy bills. They’re also found helpful in reducing temperature fluctuations at the surface of the wall, thus protecting the building over time.  It is believed that on average, a well-designed commercial green wall and landscape can provide enough energy savings to return the initial investment in less than 8 years. 

Commercial green walls can be best described as living air conditioners that can cool down your space in the summer months and can serve as insulating blankets during the harsh winter months. Apart from providing a lively aesthetic to your space, they can improve its performance considerably and go a long way in increasing energy efficiency.